Interview 2058 1

Interviewed: [D-7724]

Interviewer: [Dr. ██████]

Foreword: Subject D-7724 is one of the two subjects that managed to escape SCP-2058. D-7724 has recovered much quicker than D-7725, who is still in rehabilitation. D-7724 proceeds to describe SCP-2058’s interior. D-7724 is still under SCP-2058’s effects and is having difficulty communicating.

<Begin Log, ████>

██████: When you first entered SCP-2058, what was the first thought going through your mind?

D-7724: I-I, I was o-overwhelmed with a strong d-desire to find something. I w-was compelled to venture through the plane, however I was overcoming with immense f-fear. A voice called out to me and ███████, saying ”Many who come here seeking forbidden knowledge remain forever.” I was overcome with a strong desire, almost like sadistic lust, t-t-to find what hidden knowledge there is.

██████: So, an unknown force compelled you to seek out a “knowledge”?

D-7724: Y-Yes. Listen Doc, I don’t know what’s happening to me I feel I still need it.

██████: You will be fine, now let’s continue shall we? When you entered the plane, what was it like? Describe everything to me, this was your main task after all.

D-7724: Y-Yeah. Well uhh, it looks to me Doc, that this dimension is infinite, there is a sea of green, toxic type liquid. I tried touching it, I knew it was a bad idea, it burned my hand as you can tell. When I pulled back, something taking the shape of a tentacle whipped me serveral times which caused these cuts on me. We were walking on a grate type of thing with that disgusting liquid beneath us. There appears to be little ground there, however there were structures. They looked almost look like cathedrals and archipelagos made of a very old looking type of stone. They were connected with bridges that are always shifting, made of some greasy type of metal. The bridges and hallways also moved on their own looking like tentacles that stretch and bend. But the most interesting thing there was that amount of books that make up a weird looking library. The books were stacks upon stacks that rose up from the deadly sea. Shelves, cases and even even the walls themselves were crammed with ancient scrolls and journals. There was paper with writing in the same language as the book everywhere on the floor. As we ventured farther in we saw a figure dressed in black. When it turned to us its face was the most disgusting thing I had ever seen. There were only tentacles sticking out of its hood and it proceeded to attack us with us with its tendrils. Then, there was more, suddenly there was 3 or 4 of them attacking us, which eventually made us return as to not to die. It seems they guard the place, Doc.

██████: Yes, yes. Thank you for that description. It seems you regain the ability to communicate normally when speaking for extended periods of time. Now, you will be escorted to psychiatric care immediately to see if we can do something about your problems.

[Chairs are heard moving, and footsteps leave the room. Subject is confirmed to been escorted Interveiw Room 69.]

<End Log, ████>

Closing Statement: Subject has seemed to regain ability to communicate when speaking for extended periods of time. All description that subject has given will be taken into logs for further research and recording. Unfortunately, Subject D-7725 has been eliminated as a result of its wounds. D-7724 will be given the utmost care to insure survival.