Ioei - Bridezilla
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Item #: SCP-X

Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: This phenomenon was brought to the attention of the Foundation after four surviving instances of SCP-X-C have managed to have an article published in their local newspaper regarding the incident. The Foundation has since then convinced the four women to write a follow-up article in which they admit to having lied. They have been given Class-B amnestics that have successfully wiped both the incident and the memories of their time within the Foundation.

As of now, there is no way to contain this phenomenon. The only possible way for this phenomenon to be avoided is to make sure that all brides-to-be that show signs of stress regarding their wedding are offered psychological care. The Foundation is currently working with a communication agency to create PSAs aimed at future brides, under the guise of curbing a global mental health crisis. The families and friends of future brides are also encouraged to look out for signs of stress.

If an event occurs that results in the death of one or multiple people, and that the general public is made aware of it, it is to be treated as a non-anomalous news story. The Foundation is to withold the details regarding the change in clothing, and to find a motive for each occurence. This can be done by questioning those close to the bride-to-be. Simple, easy-to-understand motives, such as jealousy or money matters, are to be preferred, as to not draw too much attention to the event.

All instances of SCP-X-C are to be administrated Class-B amnestics immediately after being retrived from SCP-X-1. Once all instances have left the building, they, as well as the building itself, can be considered non-anomalous.

Description: SCP-X is a phenomenon that occurs when one unmarried human male and five human females, including a bride-to-be, all over the age of 10, and not necessarily anomalous, are the only people present within an otherwise non-anomalous public building. The nature of the relationship between these six subjects does not affect the events of SCP-X; however, at least one of the subjects, excluding the future bride, must be invited to the wedding for the phenomenon to take place. The reason of the bride-to-be's presence in the building must also have a link with the wedding. In every case, the bride-to-be has been reportedly showing signs of stress regarding her wedding, and in some instances, has been reported to have said a variation of the sentence: "I feel like the smallest mistake could ruin this wedding." After every subject has entered the structure, the building becomes an instance of SCP-X-1. All exits close until the end of the cycle, and cannot be opened by non-anomalous means (the Foundation is currently investigating whether anomalous objects such as SCP-Z are able to open the exits). If the structure contains an exit that is not closed by a door or a window, a nonphysical barrier will make it impossible to escape or enter the structure within the duration of SCP-X.

When affected by SCP-X, the six individuals will have their clothing dissapear and be replaced by a black suit for the male, and by five identicals white dresses for the females. These clothes, despite being formal in appearance, have been described as extremely comfortable. The clothes will systematically be the right fit for the subject, even if this size is usually hard to find.

The bride-to-be will be the first to acknowledge the change in clothing and will start an argument with the four others, saying that this is her wedding day and that the male is her groom. From this moment on, the bride will be referred to as SCP-X-A and the groom as SCP-X-B. The other individuals within SCP-X will become instances of SCP-X-C. SCP-X-A will demand all instances of SCP-X-C change into non-white clothes, since only the bride is allowed to wear white at her wedding. If instances of SCP-X-C fail to comply after thirty minutes, SCP-X-A will turn into SCP-X-A-1, an anomalous creature resembling a two meters tall praying mantis. It will then kill every instance of SCP-X-C that is still wearing white. SCP-X-B will remain apathetic for the duration of this event.

SCP-X-C instances that have pale skin will still be seen by SCP-X-A-1 as wearing white if they chose to undress. This is not the case for other instances. While SCP-X-A is almost identical, physically and psychologically, to a non-anomalous human, albeit an angry one, SCP-X-A-1 is closer to a beast. It is incapable of recognizing living things from objects, but it can detect color and movement. After cycles of SCP-X that took place in clothing stores, mannequins that grossly imitated the human shape have been found extremely mutilated, probably because SCP-X-A mistook them for instances of SCP-X-C. Each time, the mannequins wore white clothes, or were made of a white material.

Once every instance of SCP-X-C that was wearing white is dead, all remanining subjects, including SCP-X-A and SCP-X-B, will be teleported out of SCP-X-1. SCP-X-A will regain its human form, and SCP-X-A and SCP-X-B will forget everything about their time inside of SCP-X-1. Eventual remaining instances of SCP-X-C will remember every detail of the incident.


Incident 23. 10/05/20██. ████████,Germany.
The incident took place in a store of the clothing chain ███. Two clerks, a 23-year-old male and a 29-year-old female, were alone in the store when a group of four college students walked in. One of the students was preparing her wedding, and the three others were supposed to be her bridesmaids. They had come to the store to chose the matching dresses that they would wear for the wedding. The bride-to-be became SCP-X-A, and all instances of SCP-X-C but one complied when asked to change clothes. The instance that refused to comply was identified as Angela B████, a 20-year-old female. Angela B████ tried to reason with SCP-X-A, physically restrained her and seized her handbag, before emptying its contents on the floor. Another instance of SCP-X-C told the researchers that SCP-X-A was suffering from severe delusions and took medication. When SCP-X-A transformed, [REDACTED]. Angela B████ died on the spot.
All surviving instances of SCP-X-C were given Class-B amnestics.

Incident 35. 09/01/20██, ████, Canada.
The incident took place in the town's only tax office. Two female public workers (respectively 39 and 28 years of age) were alone in the building, when a woman walked in with her two daughters, ages 12 and 14, and her fiancé, age 42. The mother proceeded to fill in papers with the help of one of the workers, in order to register her future husband as a member of the household, before becoming an instance of SCP-X-A. The children showed distress at the attitude of their mother, which they later described as "very weird and scary". The public workers headed to their lockers, where they changed into a grey shirt and a black skirt, corresponding with the uniform of the place. The two girls ambushed them and forcefully took their clothes. Since the public workers were stronger than them, they had to [REDACTED], effectively condemning them to certain death. When questioned about this behaviour, they answered that they were "very scared" and that "they had no choice". When SCP-X-A-1 manifested itself, it killed the two workers by decapitation. After debating on the best course of action, the foundation decided to keep the security camera recording of the event, and to give the two girls Class-B amnestics. The two girls have since been redirected to a forensic psychiatrist.

Incident 79. 06/09/20██. ███████████, Sweden.
The incident took place in a furniture store of the chain ████. Four female employees were in charge of opening the store, when the two first clients of the day entered. The two 28-year-olds, one man and one woman, were engaged and had come to the store to buy furniture for the apartment they had recently bought together. During the cycle of SCP-X that followed, all instances of SCP-X-C went to the floor where the furnished bedrooms were displayed, and put on clothes that were kept in the wardrobes. When SCP-X-A-1 manifested, it did not attack anyone, but roamed around the store, and, when it came close to instances of SCP-X-C, produced a sound similar to that of a feline hissing. At some point, one of the employees took a [REDACTED] that was displayed in the kitchen section, and threw it at the head of SCP-X-A-1, which fell unconscious. There were no deaths, but the woman formerly known as SCP-X-A remained in a coma for two days.