Iris Murtle

Measuring the Universe

Item #:

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: When not in use, _ is to be kept in a standard containment locker or secured in the custody of a Level 2 Researcher or higher. _ is not to be used without approval of a Level 3 Researcher or higher due to its history of misuse.

Description: _ is a black unmarked tape measure with a green and yellow measuring strip. When dispensing the tape, the scales are given in metric along the yellow side and US customary units on the green side. The length of the tape never exceeds the height of the person holding it, the units measurement ending at eye level. No matter the actual length of the tape measure the unit markers start with inches and millimeters respectively and end with the first mile marker and kilometer marker being directly across from each other.

In addition to the tape measure displaying these anomalous properties, it has the ability to change the size of objects and people proportionally depending on what measurements are used. The base metric is always whatever the standard used in the location is. For example, a person measuring themselves in the US with the tape measure by feet will not change size, but if they were to perform the same measurement using inches they would shrink to proportionally that size in inches, or in the case of meters, grow that size proportionally. This effect can be altered if a tag denoting a specific metric is attached, as that metric then acts as the conversion standard. All attempts to measure the actual length of the tape end in failure. All attempts to damage the tape measure have no affect on the measure it self, but appears to be absorbed as there is no reflection or deflection of damage dealt.

As of event ████-███ it was determined that the tape measure could grow parts of objects by wrapping the tape around them. As of this event personal use is strictly prohibited.