Half Demon, Half Human

Item #: SCP-3154

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3154 is kept in a 9 meter by 9 meter by 9 meter cell, in the cell there are floodlights that are to be kept activated at all times no matter what. They need to be facing the center of the room whenever SCP-3154 is in containment. The minimum temperature that will be maintained in the cell will be 60 degrees Celsius, if the lights are off or the cell gets too far below 60 degrees Celsius SCP-3154 will be able to teleport out of the cell and into the open world.

Description: SCP-3154 is 5.5 feet tall and has slightly muscular body structure and has a deep British voice, SCP-3154 is a humanoid male that constantly wears black and purple medieval armor. SCP-3154-B is a sword that is completely black and looks like it is a solid form of a shadow or as if it's different gasses forming one shape. SCP-3154 seems to be at least 24 years old and hasn't aged since arriving at the facility. Dr. █████ says that it's because of his demonic like nature that causes him to only have half the normal human fatigues, such as sleep, hunger, thirst, health, etc.

But that doesn't mean he doesn't do normal human things, SCP-3154 will sleep from time to time usually being in intervals every 6-8 hours. When he's not sleeping he will either be eating or sitting in a chair in the center of the room, just thinking. SCP-3154's diet mostly consists of chicken, mashed potatoes, bread, etc. Mostly just lighter foods, although he claims to enjoy a good steak. SCP-3154 likes to be called 'Shadow', "he says that it's his villain name, besides, he doesn't like to be called a number", said one of the D-Class personnel. Dr. █████ had concluded his research and claimed "he was once a normal teenager, he was living in London before his parents were murdered on May █, ████. He had moved to Manhattan, New York on June █, ████, he moved into an apartment with his grandparents on Street ██████.

Occasionally, SCP-3154 will kill D-Class who are being used for testing, and much like SCP-049 he will begin to reanimate the dead D-Class. The ones who killed and revived will get up normally as if nothing happened but they will soon start to be consumed by black glass and turn into SCP-3154-2. SCP-3154-2, AKA dark legion, will proceed to be consumed by glass yet they will move freely as if one joint in their body were 15 joints put together, they have no traceable organs or digestive track, they seem to be somewhat sentient but controlled by SCP-3154. Although seemingly imortal, SCP-3154-2 can be shot to death and will break like normal glass would, the glass that SCP-3154-2 is made of is shiny and completely black, dark enough that it's not see through on either end. SCP-3154-2 will continually attack and infect people and subjects until extermination.

SCP-3154 is immune to any psychological attack, even those from SCPs such as 426, and he will try to manipulate everyone except for Dr. █████, only Nine Tailed Fox operatives scare SCP-3154. he will kill anyone else who comes too close. and Dr. █████ is always nearby when SCP-3154 is being tested on SCPs with mind bending properties, researchers are very interested in how SCP-3154's ability to manipulate people and had immunity to psychological attacks. The sword that SCP-3154 uses is kept in special storage on the opposing side of the foundation of SCP-3154 cause if the sword were to come withing 2 miles of SCP-3154 he could easily materialize it into his hands allowing escape and his freedom. Only D-Class and tier 3 personnel are aloud in his cell.

Interviewed: [SCP-3154]
Interviewer: [Dr. █████]

Foreword: [Dr. █████ entered the containment, SCP-3154 continued to sit in the center on a metal chair. The doors closed and SCP-3154 looked up at Dr. █████ almost immediately.]

<Begin Log, PM, January █, ████>

Dr. █████: [So, you used to live in Britain? Tell me, what was it like?]

SCP-3154: [It was cool, I lived there for a while, before I found the board.]

Dr. █████: [What board?]

End Log PM, January █, ████

Closing Statement: "So, SCP-3154, Shadow was once a normal kid with a normal life, but along came an anonymous murderer that killed his parents. And his life went down hill from there, but he had gained new abilities in the process. Fortunately, we found him before he could cause harm on July █, ████. But I feel as though we still need more research" Dr. █████.