Isaac ya boi 2

Item#: SCP-xxxx

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx is to be kept in an air-tight container, and is only to be viewed under a microscope. All personnel (except for D Class) with abrasions of any kind are not allowed inside the cell of SCP-xxxx unless they are wearing a hazmat suit. One armed guard is to be stationed outside the door to the cell of SCP-xxxx at all times. A light is to be shone on it at all times and it requires no feeding.

Description: SCP-xxxx appears as a light brown gas to the naked eye, but upon further examination under a microscope is revealed to be a bacterial organism. It reproduces by [DATA EXPUNGED] and is able to photosynthesize. Being exposed to SCP-xxxx is completely harmless unless an abrasion is on the body of the subject. The exposure of an abrasion to SCP-xxxx causes hair to grow out of the wound, this is the first stage to the infection. The hair will grow not only outside the wound but inside it as well. Over a period of 2-10 hours, the infection slowly spreads throughout the victim’s body. The victim will feel intense burning as their skin devoured by SCP-xxxx, and then a sharp sting as it digs itself into their veins and arteries. It then spreads itself through the victim’s veins and toward their heart. The victim will begin to feel lightheaded and numb after this occurs. Upon reaching the heart the organism will block all of the heart valves until the victim is killed by the slowed blood flow. As for the hair outside the body, it will completely envelop the victim’s corpse. It does this to gain larger amounts of sunlight so it can photosynthesize, and last longer before the remains are consumed.

Entering stage two of the infection SCP-xxxx will rip its’ way through any bone, tendons, fat, or muscle in its’ path toward the spinal cord of the victim. It will then wrap itself around the spinal cord, and bones in every limb to take control of the corpse. After this occurs the victim is referred to as SCP-xxxx-2. Deterioration of SCP-xxxx-2 will occur over a period of roughly twenty-four hours because SCP-xxxx consumes tissue around it. Even though it is capable of photosynthesis, it can’t entirely live off of sunlight while inside the victim’s body. Within the time SCP-xxxx-2 is mobile it will seek out an opened sunny area, and then lie down in that area. After it finds a sunny area the corpse will rapidly be eaten. If SCP-xxxx-2 does not reach a sunny area before it is immobilized, it will starve. SCP-xxxx-2 is not hostile, however, if anything makes physical contact with it, it will be enveloped, and then consumed.

After SCP-xxxx-2 fully disintegrates it begins to grow like a plant and root itself into the ground. This is stage three of the infection. There is no specific limit to how far it grows, but it does eventually stop. SCP-xxxx-2 will then emit traces of SCP-xxxx into the surrounding area. Even though SCP-xxxx-2 is only a pile of hair at this point, it is still capable of motion. Any who approach the hair will have their skin forcefully broken and be infected. There have been a few reported cases of SCP-xxxx-2 disintegrating in a motorized vehicle, and being able to operate the vehicle. Due to this, it is believed that SCP-xxxx is intelligent. Not only does this SCP show signs of intelligence, it is also believed to communicate through a sort of hivemind with those it has infected. When an SCP-xxxx-2 was attacked, others who were nearby, but out of sight, came running to its’ aid. At that exact moment, scientists picked up traces of [DATA EXPUNGED]. This experiment has been done numerous times, all with the same result. The only known weaknesses of this SCP are only effective against stages two and three, these weaknesses include fire and large bombs.

Addendum SCP-xxxx-1: SCP-xxxx2 was first discovered at a barbershop in [DATA EXPUNGED]. It was originally mistaken for an outbreak of SCP-1000-f1 on humans, however, this is not the case. The noxious brown gas was found in a cave underneath the barbershop. A rather large group of Class D personnel were sent into the cave to collect all the gas in vacuums. Multiple were infected, but the majority survived. Everyone who was infected was rounded up and are now in containment with SCP-xxxx. The barber, Mr.Jameson, denied knowing anything about SCP-xxxx before the call, however, some speculate he is lying. Experiments are still being done to learn how SCP-xxxx forms hair.

<Begin Log>

Dr.Lanceford: Attention all, you have been contained because you have been infected by
SCP-xxxx. This is a type of bacterial infection that has unknown effects. You will all be monitored until the infection either leads to your demise or stops.

Mr. Jameson (Barber): This is bullshit, I was the one who called about this in the first place. Now I’m one of your “subjects”. And what the fuck are you planning on doing with my son?

Mrs.Jameson (barber’s wife): Why can’t you just let us leave?
Dr.Lanceford: Please remain calm. You will be released after the infection takes its’ course. Your son will have his memory erased and be sent to live with an adoptive family, they will treat him as if he had amnesia from a head injury.

Mr.Jameson: You heartless fucks…

3 hours pass

Mrs.Jameson: Screams in pain It burns! I can feel… tearing… at my skin!

Mrs.Jameson:. collapses onto her knees Just kill me! Screaming dies down
Mr. Jameson: Oh god… My wife, you bastards!

2 more hours pass

Mr.Jameson: grunting in pain

Dr.Lanceford: Describe what you are feeling to me.

Mrs.Jameson: … No… I… I won’t help people like you. Lies down, dies

another hour passes

Dr.Lanceford: An autopsy will now be done on the remains of the subjects. Wait… it appears they are standing up.

Mr. and Mrs. Jameson limply stand up and shuffle to the door, and begin pounding at it.

twenty four hours pass

Dr.Lanceford: The subjects have been reduced to a pile of hair, but it seems they are still capable of movement.

<End Log>