Isaac ya boi 2
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Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx is to be kept in a locked room unattended by anyone. Lord knows they’ve already spent more money trying to solve the damn thing than they did feeding SCP-682. Anyone who enters the cell is to be locked in, and will hence be referred to as SCP-xxxx-2.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a puzzle often called a Rubik’s cube. It is not only incredibly hard to solve without help from youtube, but is also seemingly indestructible. Those who enter containment with SCP-xxxx will be uncontrollably driven to solve it. It doesn’t physically make you go insane, but you know what I mean. Some who fail to solve it become enraged, and attempt to destroy the object (see Addendum for a list of attempts). I was so fucking close, I had a whole side finished. Millions of dollars have been wasted trying to solve this pointless puzzle. We don’t need to waste anymore money, especially after the SCP-682 starving incident (see Addendum). SCP-xxxx was first discovered when SOMEBODY decided it would be fun to buy toys at the dollar store, and title them as SCPs to screw with the D Class. After that, nobody could solve it, not even our best engineers.

Addendum-SCP-xxxx-1: D-12695 was among the first to attempt to solve the puzzle. After hours of failed attempts, he began to grow frustrated. He eventually slammed it onto the ground and preceded to strike it with his fist. The only thing he managed to break was his entire hand, being that SCP-xxxx is unable to be destroyed. After breaking his hands he attempted to solve it with his feet, and failed again. He was then removed from the testing area.

Addendum-SCP-xxxx-2**: The SCP-682 starving incident was when the Foundation was running low on funding due to the millions spent trying to solve and destroy this puzzle. There wasn’t quite enough to feed most of the Class D personnel and therefore feed SCP-682. This lasted for roughly three weeks. Eventually, the 05 council cut back on the funding for SCP-xxxx, and went back to feeding SCP-682, who managed to survive by consuming multiple M.T.F squads.

Addendum-SCP-xxxx-3: A few attempts at destruction of SCP-xxxx include

Punching, kicking, etc.
Various explosive weapons, including nuclear detonation
Being sent to Venus
After being sent to Venus it was eventually retrieved by the most advanced robots the Foundation could spare. They also failed to solve the puzzle.

4. Telling Dr.Bright to protect it (which somehow didn't work)