"The Tiny Village" Dr.██████

Item Number SCP-4115

Object Class Elucid

Special Containment Procedures
SCP-4115 is to be kept behind a 60cm wall with a glass roof at all times with the only entrance being at the top of the glass roof. There are to be mini surveillance drones and cameras inside the cell at all times if this procedure is not followed it may result in the containment breach of this SCP.

SCP-4115 is village approximately 10cm in height located in █████████. Within SCP-4115 there we will find another SCP also known as SCP-4115-1, 4115-1 appear to be villagers that live in that village. when any living being comes in in contact with SCP-4115 the instances of SCP-4115-1 will get agitated and will begin to attack what came in contact with the village.

Addendum 1

"So what do you want me to do again?" "I will repeat for the last time, We need you to enter the containment cell and attempt to talk to the SCP." "alright alright." *footsteps are heard as D-89776 enters the containment chamber* "Oh hi there little guys how ya-oh shit it's attacking me fuck!" *the screams of D-89776 die out* it is presumed D-89776 is dead until it is found out that he breach SCP-4115's containment cell from the inside releasing SCP-4115-1. "I'm back Fuckers!" "Oh, shit we have a breach!" "That's right Bitch and I'm their leader, ain't that right" then for the first time ever SCP-4115-1 talks "that is right." *screams are heard in the audio log* "AAAAH NOO I DONT WANT TO DIE! SAVE ME!" It is then heard as SCP-4115-1 begins to eat Dr.███████.

Interview log 1

"Hello Dr.████████" "Hello" *there was a moment of silence.* "Anyways, so how do you think the test went Dr.█████████?" "Horrible, I wish it didn't even happen" "and how do you think you could have prevented this?" "Maybe getting me more fucking security, what the fuck like I could have died if that SD didn't jump in for me-" "yes we understand that" "good." "anyways Dr.████████, we found some evidence that you helped cause the breach." "WHAT THATS-" and thats why I'm doing this interview. Dr bis it true you smuggled in a hammer for the CD?" "What no thats-" "no it is" "what but-umm" "yes Dr we even found your fingerprints" "this is absurd!" "Tell that to the O5's" "wait what!"

End Log

Begin log

"Hello, Dr.████████, I presume you know why you're here?" "IT WASNT ME! I SWEAR!" "So you're saying it was staged "No, Yes..Yes, I am!" "ok… so who do you think staged this?" "idk" "well if you don't know we are led to bel-" "it was Dr.Bright! aha yes, yes it was him." First of all, don't interrupt the O5, second, Dr.Bright was being monitored at all times today. so now that I have that cleared up. I hereby sentence you to D class." "NO, YOU CAN'T DO THIS, ILL KILL YOU! *Dr███████ leaps from his chair* *gunfire is heard through the audio*. Dr.███████ is dead.

End Log