Ivory Boat

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored in a shallow pool of water. Previous attempts have been made to store it within a dry space only for the boat to begin to ooze a thick black liquid that can only be a mix of blood and decayed flesh.

When cleaning this SCP only one D Class personnel should be sent in at a time as to prevent another… escape incident.

From time to time this SCP will require a D Class Personnel to ride within it. Only one should be consumed to fuel the boat, failure to fuel the boat every week will result in the boat to begin to ooze the black goop as before. The liquid doesn’t mix well with the water, creating a gas that fills the room on contact.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a small dinghy, roughly two meters in length, made of chunks of Elephant Ivory that are interlocked to create a surface with no visible seams. Despite the material that has been used to create the boat it can support two adult males and still crest the surface of the water, though it does this by only a few centimeters.

The surface of the boat bears marking of the eras it has existed through and is believed to have been created sometime in the early 1800s. This is believed due to intricate carvings that faintly cover the surface of the boat. These carvings are similar to that of the <redacted> tribe on the coast of Africa. Neighboring tribes all had some sort of rumor about the village’s witch doctor and from these rumors, it has been deduced that this *witch doctor* created the original boat. Since then these carvings have decayed due to time in the water as well as paint being applied over the original carvings.
Through the many layers of paint two can be discerned, one of the most recent was only a name added to the prow of the boat, The Ivory Boat. Though the name is unoriginal it has stuck with SCP-XXXX. The second layer of paint that stands out rests at the bottom and could be described as more of a stain upon the ivory. Beneath all the paint is a layer of ivory stained red and lacing across the boat in almost like veins. All attempts to remove the stain have failed.

Under no circumstances should this boat be ridden in alone by any significant personnel. This boat has shown the ability to simply create its own fog bank and sail out of the facility. The aforementioned event only occurs when two people are riding within the boat. It has been discovered that whoever has the strongest desire to go to a location will be taken there or as close as the boat can get while remaining in the water. The other subject is consumed by the boat and used by the boat to secrete its ooze into the water to create the mist it vanishes in.
This event has been tested multiple times with both a scientist and a D Class. Due to the fact that the scientist knew what was coming they normally survived as they were mentally prepared but during test 7 the D Class Personnel got lucky or really didn’t want to die as the boat consumed the scientist. Both the boat and the D Class were recovered on the shores of Hawaii, the D Class was debriefed and then terminated to keep the other prisoners in the dark. Since this event testing has been postponed.

Test 7 :: D Class Debrief:
Date: <redacted>
Location: <redacted>
Notes: The subject is pale in appearance with bloodshot eyes. Every faint sound seems to frighten them and it was difficult to get them to respond to any questions but in the end they weren't so far gone as to not be of any use to us. This is an audio only log and the incoherent screaming has been cut out.
Begin Log
Doctor tbd: “Can you tell me about what you saw? None of the scientists thus far have been brave enough to watch.”
D Class: “Ivory… Ivory… red ivory…”
Doctor tbd: “We know about that, instead why don't you tell us about what you saw?”
D Class: “Red Ivory.. like veins.. slowly sliding up the doctor’s legs.. he was screaming..”
((This is very rough I plan on fleshing out the interview more and giving the d class a more cohesive way of rambling))