Ivory Partnaite

Uncontained SCP-XXXX instance

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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Archon

Special Containment Procedures: Temporarily contained instances of SCP-XXXX are kept in 0.91x0.58x0.6 meter cages. Permanent SCP-XXXX containment chambers are typically 4x4x3.8 meters and can contain 4-6 SCP-XXXX's.

Chickens may not enter a SCP-XXXX containment chamber without authorization of a LVL#3 personnel or higher. If an egg created by an SCP-XXXX is layed, the egg should be tested for it's chromosomes. Female eggs should be moved to the facility produce storage, male eggs are required to be either disposed or put in an incubator for testing.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a species of Gallus Gallus Domesticus (Rooster) that have unique or otherwise anomalous genetics that change it's Latin Plica Vocalis (Vocal chords) which cause it to sound similar to human screaming. These genetics are only carried within the males of the species, this effect also changes it's exterior throat shape making it more bulky and elongated.

Recording of a singular SCP-XXXX instance (High Volume Warning)

There are approximately two hundred thousand instances of SCP-XXXX spread out across the US and Mexico. SCP-XXXX owned by farmers in breeding stations making them nearly impossible to contain from the public. The SCP Foundation disguised as U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service made a statement to the public:

The new genetics seen in these roosters are apart of the normal processes of evolution. The sounds created by the species are not screams of pain but are instead distorted versions of the typical sounds you'd hear from a healthy rooster. Please do not euthanize these creatures due to the screaming, we assure you they're healthy.

As an attempt to cover up the anomaly.