SCP - 5000

Item # : SCP - 5000

Object Class : Euclid

Special Containment Procedures : SCP - 5000 is to be contained in a 7×7×8m padded, non reflective room. The subject is not allowed to exit the room or roam the facility freely under any circumstances.

Description : SCP - 5000, deemed colloquially as The Shadow is a 6 feet tall, fully black creature with limited facial features although having a humanoid like body, with light malnutrition similar to SCP - 096. SCP - 5000 was found in a pine forest in Portland, Oregon. Its skin is reptile like and scaly. It has retractable spikes,each 3 inches long and 6 inches wide in various places across its forearms and lower legs. It's arms are unusually long and seem to extend even more at will. As mentioned above, SCP - 5000 has very limited facial features. Some of which include two beady white eyes and a mouth. SCP - 5000 has the ability to move to travel and emerge through even the most slightly reflective materials. According to Dr. [DATA REDACTED] it is able to heal any organic creature, even after death. SCP - 5000 is only aggressive when approached with brute force, using it's retractable spikes, extendable arms and "mirror" ability to defend itself. SCP - 5000 has not participated in any containment breach yet.