Jachyui’s SCP ideas

Item #: XXXX

Object class: safe

Special containment procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept at low-security vehicle bay at Site-64. Level 2 Clearance card is required to access and operate SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a black 1997 Freightliner that stands at 2.87 m tall. SCP-XXXX’s engine is absent with an industrial 300-gallon air tank comprised of a titanium-cobalt alloy. Using x-ray and infrared to inspect the vehicle, researchers have concluded that the axel is immobile and completely hollow. The only exit to the air tank is connected to the axel which then exits into 8 openings between the posterior wheels resembling exhaust pipes that expel downwards at an 10° angle. When SCP-XXXX is activated via the standard vehicle key, its anomalous properties manifest. Helium gas is instantly produced in the front tank the pressurized in the axel. After reaching one of the exhaust pipes, the helium drastically cools until reacting 3.15° K the is quickly expelled from the vehicle. This system is the only way of motion and the speed can be manipulated via the gas peddle in the cabin of the vehicle. The steering wheel controls turning the two front wheels. Once the truck exceeds speed of 65 mph, nitrogen gas is expelled along with the helium which then becomes solid with the temperature of 0.60 K. The ice solidifies 10cm thick and leaves a trail 4.5 m wide. After reaching the distance of 0.5 meters behind the vehicle, the ice is then displaced and teleported to the front of the vehicle parallel to the bottoms of the front tires. During this phase, the gear shift in the center council will adjust the slope of the ice track and the steering wheel will now change the detection of the ice track as well as the tires. SCP-XXXX’s tires show no sign of visible damage during or after treading on the ice trail. Testing concludes that it's is impossible for SCP-XXX to fall off the ice trail while activated. It is currently unknown how the steering wheel and gear shift in the vehicle cabin are able to manipulate the ice track.