Jack-o'-lantern of Fear
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Item#: XXXX
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SCP-XXXX within the house it was discovered in.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored in a standard lockable room at Site-81. The door is to remain locked when the date October 31st occurs. The door is only to be unlocked on this date if testing has been authorized by the current site director.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a standard jack-o'-lantern that resembles a face with a large smile and jagged teeth. The object is approximately 0.457 meters in height, 0.518 meters in width, and weighs about 3.175 kilograms. SCP-XXXX shows no signs of decomposer anywhere on it. If SCP-XXXX is harmed or destroyed in any form, the object will instantly reform itself once out of sight of any subjects. It's currently unknown how this process is done, due to all cameras observing SCP-XXXX beginning to malfunctioning immediately when personnel avert eye contact with the object.

When the date of October 31st occurs SCP-XXXX will begin to produce a neon green light within itself. While the object is in this state, any subject that comes into 1.524 meters of the object will begin to experience hallucinations of their current obsessive fears. The hallucinations causes subjects to perceive their surroundings to warp into the their most common fear response. Hallucinations have also caused some subjects to report seeing entities or creatures within their hallucinations (see test log). These hallucinations only last up to one (1) minute before dissipating and will only reactivate if the subject renters the radius of the object on the appropriate date. Once the date of October 31st has expired, the light source within SCP-XXXX will dissipate and will no longer admit hallucinations until the date of October 31st occurs.

Discovery: SCP-XXXX was first discover at Daytona of Ohio on 10/31/2017. A family reported seeing strange frightening things happening within there house. The family were interrogated and questioned about SCP-XXXX. They all claimed that they bought the object one (1) day ago and that the anonymous affects only occurred after the carving of SCP-XXXX was complete. The family were administered CLASS-C Amnestics and the officers involved with the incident we're given CLASS-A Amnesics. SCP-XXXX was transported to Site-81 for containment and testing.

Testing Log

Log Format
Stated Fears:

Testing 10/31/2018
D-Class Testing.

Subject: D-285827619
Stated Fears: Trypophobia and Entomophobia
Results: D-285827619 stated that millions of the holes appeared on its skin while many bugs crawled and flew out of them.

Subject: D-751113443
Stated Fears: Thalassophobia and Acrophobia
Results: D-751113443 stated that the floor turned into glass with an estimated 300 meters of distance between the floor to an ocean below the room. The subject also stated that the glass was slowly cracking in several locations.

Subject: D-68528834
Stated Fears: Coulrophobia and Claustrophobia
Results: D-68528834 stated that the room morphed into a mirror maze and could hear circus music. D-68528834 also claimed that several clowns could be seen standing behind him within the reflections of the mirrors.

Subject: D-90432702
Stated Fears: Subject refused to state any fears.
Results: D-90432702 stated that a male wearing a hoodie was holding a handgun up against a young girl's forehead and that the male proceeded to fire the handgun.
Note: D-9043270 later confessed that the girl was his 6 year old daughter.