Jack tuczemskyi
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SCP-XXXX-α is contained within site 76's perimeter. due to SCP-XXXX-α's field of effect and the long term effects of SCP-XXXX- β cognitive alterations, all personnel stationed at site 76 are not permitted to depart offsite. furthermore no personnel not essential towards the containment of SCP-XXXX are to be sent to site 72 located in ███████ anyone entering the exclusion zone of site 72 will be terminated unless authorisation via O5 is verified.

following temporal event designated kasma-04 , all images and videos of sectors C and E are to be removed from foundation data bases. any documentation of the affected sectors are to be incinerated. all documentation extracted from sector C must be checked for any cognitohazardrous effects.

information on SCP-XXXX may require level 4 clearance to access.