Note: Why did Khrushchev review this? It seems like he would have had no power over GRU Division "P." The civilian leaders need to stop messing with our files. I have sent a complaint to the high command. Still, his review is accurate. I have reviewed some of the information and annotated this file. - ████ ██████ 12/4/1982

Forward: This file has been determined to have been propaganda, no of the stated effects have been found from OSI 003-61 and is assumed to be a required writing from the Stalinist period. We, the GRU Division "P," in accordance with the new party line, have to stop treating OSI 003-61 as a mind-altering object. - Nikita Khrushchev, after reviewing the file, 23/3/1962.

Forward: This file was partially destroyed in the clearing of the files before the battle of Moscow. Due to that, major sections, and some small sections are lost. All sections lost are noted to be lost with "[Information Lost]" - Ivan Serov, Head of GRU Division "P," 15/5/1945.

OSI 003-61 "████'s Body" ChD AKN DEPARTMENT I
REVIEWER … … … … … … … … ████ ██████
SIGNED … … … … … … … … … Nikolai Yezhov
DEPARTMENT HEAD … … … … Lavrentiy Beria
DETAIL: OSI "[Information Lost]" is the destination given to the embalmed corpse of [Information Lost], ████████ █████. 003-61 is 1.65 m tall, 55 kg in weight and has a resting smile. Other than that, there are no physical differences from █████'s death and quick embalming.

OSI 003-61 has been designated an object of special interest due to the latent psychic and telepathic properties of the body.

The body telepathic properties are only able to be seen by people that ████████ █████ knew personally, this has allowed [Information Lost], among others, to talk to OSI 0203-61 about issues of the day. The psychic properties make everyone that come within a five-meter radius of OSI 0203-61 feel revigorated. OSI

In addition, it has been determined that the psychic properties make the average worker that has seen OSI 003-61, either directly or in any photographs of OSI 0203-61, 15% more productive than before seeing his body. Tests have concluded that this works in [Information Lost] in the capitalist countries, with generally a [Information Lost] decrease. This is only seen for [Information Lost] hours after the viewing of the body.

Protection Detail: OSI 003-61 will be kept in a 2 climate-controlled tomb with bulletproof glass and will be re-embalmed and washed every 18 months. There will be a five-man guard to patrol the perimeter of the tomb and to stop wreakers from vandalizing the tomb. The tomb will be open to the public, to help with production in the USSR.

Obtaination Detail: [Information Lost]1

Proposed Uses:

  1. Transported Inspiration - REJECTED. High chance of deterioration and short time of usefulness makes this option unattainable.
  2. Photographs in All Workplaces - APPROVED - cheap and quick solution. Comrade ████ ██ ██ commended and given an Order of Lenin medal. After the five year plan, production projected to surpass 120% of current production.

Test OSI 003-61-1: This was carried out by Doctor Vladimir and Doctor Ivan. Ten workers from the Lenin Steel Works in Moscow were recruited by the Chd ANK and were paid a workman's wage to compensate their time. Half of the workers were blindfolded and half of them were not blindfolded. The workers were then led towards OSI 003-61 and were told to report what they felt during walking. The workers all reported feeling "normal." Inside the room, the workers with normal vision stated they "felt happier" but not much more. There was no difference from before with the blindfolded workers. They were then led closer to OSI 003-61 and all the workers, blindfolded or not, said they felt "rejuvenated" and "more awake."2

Interview Log of Comrade [Information Lost] after talking to OSI 003-61 on the industrialization of the Soviet Union on █/██/193█. Comrade [Information Lost] was stopped after on the road and told to meet with the ChD AKN the next day for an interview. (Note: "Comrade X will be put in as a placeholder as the information was lost throughout the interview.3)
Agent ████: So, Comrade, how was your talk with 61, or as you know him, ███ ██?
Comrade X: Ah, what do you want me to tell you about? How much we need to change our behaviors? How should we conduct our five-year plan?
Agent ████: No, I want to talk to you about how you can talk to 61.
Comrade X: How I talk to █████? It's quite simple, really, I talk out loud and he responds.
Agent ████: The strange thing is, comrade, there is no sound when you are writing notes.
Comrade X: Really? It seemed to me that he was clearly talking. It even resembled the sound it would in the room.
Agent ████: Strange, and did you see 61's lips moving when he talked?
Comrade X: I did. I have a feeling that you did not see them move.
Agent ████: That is incorrect, we did see them move when under observation. Now, we do know that the workers that have seen photos of 61 are more productive than other workers. What is yo-
Comrade X: How did you figure that out?
Agent ████: We set up a trial run on workers in factories with 61's face and without it. Workers were more productive with a photograph on 61 on the entrance wall.
Comrade X: We must put more of his pictures on walls then! Make that the suggestion for 61!4