SCP-XXXX Cooperative Boy

Item #: SCP-XXXX

//Object Class // : safeEuclid

//SpecialContainment Procedures // : SCP-XXXX is allowed to freely roam the facility. SCP-XXXX is allowed to use the Internet when in its private quarters with the condition of all his online actions being supervised by a staff member.SCP-XXXX is harmless[See incident report XXXX-01]. No violence shall be used against SCP-XXXX.
SCP-XXXX will return to its private quarters, if gently asked to do so.

//Description //:SCP-XXXX is a young Caucasian Male, approximately 15 years old [See incident report XXXX-01]shapeshifting entity preferring the appearance of a 15 year's old Caucasian Male. SCP-XXXX's IQ level has been tested to be growing at the speed of [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-XXXX's limits in manipulation of space,time and matter is yet unknown.

SCP-XXXX has shown extended knowledge of the foundation and will to help in the containment of SCP's, the research and the culinary "department" of the foundation. SCP-XXXX is immune to almost all infections and cognitohazards.

Recovery:SCP-XXXX was recovered in [DATA EXPUNGED],Germany after a letter was sent to CIA in wich SCP-XXXX apologises for accidentally hacking into their Database. How SCP-XXXX knew the adress is unknown.

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