Item #: SCP-212

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Object number SCP-212 is to be secured at Site-█ and kept in a 5m x 5m x 5m reinforced steel chamber with 1 layer of reinforced reflective glass on the fourth meter of each side. The floor in SCP-212's containment chamber is electrified with high voltage. Personnel are only to enter SCP-212's containment chamber behind the glass with clearance from at least 2 personnel with 04 clearance. Researchers are never to look at SCP-212 for any reason.

All personnel are to be behind the reflective glass wall with any entry. Any attempt to speak or look at SCP-212 will be met with immediate removal from the chamber followed by termination. At all times SCP-212 is to have 4 armed guards posted outside the containment chamber. The containment chamber is to be pitch black and only motion detector cameras are allowed inside. If SCP-212 is ever to breach containment MTF Squad-███ is to be deployed having it being secured it's top priority.

Description: SCP-212 is a 34 year old police canine recovered in [REDACTED], Ohio on ██/██/████. SCP-212 was recovered wearing a ██PD vest. SCP-212 is a mix between a German Shepard and Pitbull. SCP-212 was recovered using SCP-████ and [REDACTED]. SCP-212 seems to get confused as a normal canine would do when encountering mirrors, SCP-212 seems to frequently scratch at the glass and bite, attempting to kill the other dog in the mirror.

When SCP-212 is viewed directly SCP-212 affects the mind of the viewer, make the viewer its slave, SCP-212 seems to get confused when it is viewed by multiple persons. When SCP-212 is finished having the viewer do its work, the viewer is then killed by SCP-212. When it is time for SCP-212 to execute its viewer, it appears behind them and then proceed to decapitate the viewer. If the viewer is not given a direct command by SCP-212 in around 15 minutes the mind-control affect will break. So far this has happened 14 times resulting in 10 causalities, SCP-212 seems to have short term memory loss making its mind-control effect sometimes useless. When SCP-212 was recovered wearing a collar that read, "POLICE K-9 PROWLER".

SCP-212 can be shot and killed but will return to its orginal position in [REDACTED], Ohio and lay sleeping for upwards of an hour before waking up and patrolling the station. This method is never to be used again under command of 05-█. SCP-212 has shown weakness in direct electricity, TASERs seem to work very efficiently in calming it. SCP-212 shows no interesting in officers of ██PD and will go after anyone else that views it.

Addendum 212-B: Breaches With SCP-212:

1: First Occurrence: ██/██/████: Following the containment breach of SCP-██ which had made its way to Site-█ and killed all but a few personnel. SCP-██ seemed to be immune to SCP-212's mind altering capabilities then allowing it to go loose Dr.██████ then directly viewed SCP-212, allowing it to go free then becoming deceased. SCP-212 and SCP-██ were both recovered by MTF squads ████ and ███ before either reached civilian towns.