Item #: SCP-4223

Object Class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4223 is to be contained in a humanoid containment chamber measuring 8 square meters wide and 3 meters tall. The chamber is to be constructed of an aluminum and tungsten alloy. There is to be a singular bed and window available within the chamber, but the window is to be concealed with a layer of aluminum alloy shutters which are only to be opened between the hours of 6:00 AM and 10:30 AM. No personnel are to enter the chamber outside of these hours, and monitoring will be done through a series of CCTV cameras placed on each wall of the chamber.

Description: SCP-4223 is a humanoid robotic entity created by Anderson Robotics. SCP-4223 is 157.7 cm tall and weighs roughly 70 kilograms. It possesses the ability to phase through space at random. This anomaly is only counteracted by the presence of aluminum and tungsten alloy. SCP-4223 has also been observed phasing into inhabited space, resulting in the displacement of SCP-4223's matter, presumably within the object it phased into. More tests are required to understand what causes SCP-4223 to phase to where it does.

D-Class Test Subjects are not to enter the chamber outside of the hours of 12:00 AM and 5:59 AM due to SCP-4223 showing signs of increased phase activity within these hours. If a subject was to enter between these hours, they should ensure that they are not within the direct path of SCP-4223 or it's temporal displacement.1 Subjects caught within this displacement will have their matter displaced to make room for SCP-4223, and will often perish as a result.

Staff who wish to test upon SCP-4223 must obtain clearance from Site Manager Roger, and must also prepare a testing chamber consisting of at least 20 kilograms of aluminum and tungsten alloy.

SCP-4223 must not under any circumstance be exposed to SCP-9142, SCP-6823, or SCP-106.4

Addendum 28.2.2038: Additional testing upon SCP-4223 has shown that the entity is weakened in the presence of an aluminum and tungsten alloy. Containment procedures and the descriptions of SCP-4223 have been updated accordingly. -Junior Researcher Samuel Irwin.