Item #: SCP-YAS-J

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-YAS-J-1 are to be terminated immediately to prevent it from spreading to other humans.

Description: SCP-YAS-J is the word YAS, when heard or said by an individual they become SCP-YAS-J-1.

SCP-YAS-J-1 is human who has been affected by SCP-YAS-J, in which they will start to use the word in normal conversation.

SCP-YAS-J's anomalous properties were discovered when the town of [REDACTED], Russia was discovered to have used the word continuously until all subjects were infected, soon after, all life signs inside of the town had stopped, which meant a total of [REDACTED] deaths.

Addendum File #1 Researcher [REDACTED] was reported to have been found to have been using the word regularly which caused 15 infections in the staff. This caused immediate termination of all infected persons.

Addendum File #2 It was found out that SCP-YAS-J cannot spread through typing or words whether on a screen or paper.