Item #: 4961

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As this SCP is a pair of metal-detectors they cannot move, unless under stress and loud noises the SCP has a tendency of shutting down and shrinking into the floor- This has only happened once back in ████. This SCP also requires guarding to prevent noises/incidents from happening and must be kept underground in a dead-silent space. The containment procedures go as any other Euclid-Class SCP, take it to where it's needed and such, that's it.

Description: SCP-4961 is a pair of metal-detectors that can transfer you to an alternate-reality or even worse- Or just the other side you need to get to.

If you are with a group of people you can fall victim to SCP-4961 by entering a different metal-detector than the others in your group. For example, you are in a group of 3 people. Two of your group are going in a metal detector, in which you choose to go through the one beside them. When going through alone and separate, you are taken into an alternate-reality in where your group does not exist, but everything else does. Inside of this new reality you must not panic, as it may cause system errors within the SCP. These errors can lead to you not escaping or doing what they do, detect metal.

To escape this SCP you must re-enter (exit) the metal-detector you had gone into. You can either leave or go inside the metal-detector your group went inside, doing either of these will lead you into the reality you always lived in. If you try exiting through a different metal-detector, you will be taken into an alternate-alternate reality where nothing exists and you can't escape. The estimated cases of this are around █ , once again, this is an estimated number.

You may be asking yourself, what if you go solo and aren't with a group? To put it plain and simple as it is, nothing will happen. You go through a metal-detector.

Discovery Origin: This SCP was manufactured at an unnamed company, as the logo has since rusted off. While the actual origins remain unknown, the SCP was first found inside the main entrance at the █-██████ Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The reasoning of this SCP being taken in and confiscated is because of an incident on November 26, ████ in which the heavy-metal band known as █████████ were playing their set, in where one of their songs featured a loud boom-type noise. The SCP then went on lockdown and started blaring high-frequency type noises while shining lasers at whoever was in front of them. These lasers in fact left scars on its victims. When the SCP went under investigation by the arena's mechanic, it was found that people were trapped inside of the SCP. This was found out when screams were heard from inside the SCP, there was also a case where a shoe came flying out as well. After being taken in by SCP Officials, the people were found after a months work. These victims later committed suicide from what was likely PTSD or some sort of trauma.

Addendum: For more in-depth information on this SCP, read the following.

This SCP weighs around ███Ibs and around 6’11 ft. tall.
The material is a metal-type, implemented with some plastic around some areas.
On the side of the SCP is where a logo once was. The logo seemed yellow, with white text but is too rusted to even tell.