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Item #: SCP-4211

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-4211 should be kept in a sound-proof,circus-like decorated cell in Site ██ with children introduced every 4-6 days.Any individual coming in contact with SCP-4211 should be outfitted with ear buds with loud music to avoid hearing any SCP-4211-B instance jokes.If any individual is exposed to a 4211-B joke,they are to be administered class A amnestics within 3 hours.

SCP-4211 is a male circus clown who used to work in ████████ circus,██████████ as a Joker.SCP-4211 is of Caucasian descent and is 6 feet tall.SCP-4211 creates jokes(Which from that point on should be referred to as 4211-B jokes) which makes individuals above or 18 years old laugh for 4 consecutive hours.After the 4 consecutive hours, the individual affected by the 4211-B joke would die of their lungs being burst from the air pressure built up.SCP-4211 also can make any used and unfunny joke that the individual has heard countless times into a 4211-B joke.SCP-4211 loves to create 4211-B jokes around children and teenagers as they are immune to the anomalous effects.

Addendum 4211/A:This is the initial contact audio recording from 3 Ground agents(Agent Chris,Agent Tom and Agent Nicholas) investigating the circus which housed SCP-4211

Agent Chris: Alright Tommy,Nick. You good?.Over.

Agent Tom: Checking Backside of the circus.Over.

Agent Nick: Oh my god!

Agent Chris: What is it,Nick?

Agent Nick:They're….they're dead!

Agent Tom: Nick, you gotta be more clear…Who is dead?

Agent Nick:Come to the storage room….these people are hiding something.Over.

(Agent Nick heard noises of complains and shouting from the basement unit)

Agent Nick: Guys, you've gotta hear this.

(Agent Nick pulled out his radio and the following conversation between SCP-4211 and an unidentified individual was transcribed)

SCP-4211:I didn't do it! I promise!


SCP-4211: I don't know! please..I don't know

(Police reinforcements had just arrived and SCP-4211 was detained, the unidentified individual escaped)

Interview log 4211/B


Interviewer: Dr.Alexa

Foreword:This interview was held to identify SCP-4211's origins and his identity

Dr.Alexa: Hello SCP-4211.

SCP-4211: Hello,Madam!

Dr.Alexa: Can i have your name and birthplace?


Dr.Alexa: Yes?

SCP-4211: I don't….remember my name…I do remember where i was born though.

Dr.Alexa: Ok than,Where were you born?

SCP-4211:I was born in ██████████.

Dr.Alexa: Do you remember your parents?

(SCP-4211 appeared distressed with the question)

Dr.Alexa: Is……there a problem?

SCP-4211: I actually was an orphan growing up….i don't remember my parents.

Dr.Alexa: Oh. Moving on. When and where did you attain these anomalous properties?

SCP-4211: I do…somewhat remember. I woke up one day and I was getting ready to go to the circus because I needed to do my work.I don't know what happened but…People started laughing at my jokes….it was great! I never had people laugh so hard at my jokes!(SCP-4211 stopped)

Dr.Alexa: Then?

SCP-4211: They stayed like that for so long….its like the would never stop laughing.Children stopped laughing but their parents did not.I did'nt see it coming but….they're chests….exploded….i could see hearts…ribs but no lungs….I was….scared and so were the children. Soon, ███████ called me and i was fired.Then police came…arrested me and well…I am here now!

Dr.Alexa:Anyways,This interview has concluded. Please return to your cell, SCP-4211.

(SCP-4211 exited the chamber under the supervision of two 03 level guards.)