Item#: Scp-6000-2
Object Class: Safe


The scp is a powerful being we found it at England and it show that it is no threat at any thing or any one but it is really adorable it is a plushy that’s has no tail but that has four stub feet it has no nose and no lips it does have eye but one of the eyes on the right is a button
It’s color red but the color changes every time what’s interesting about the Scp-6000-2 is that it speaks just like Scp-999 does this scp is important because it just like him but different
This scp has stuffing in its mouth and it was not normal and what’s interesting about it can
Only eat none gummy like candy but hard candy when it eats the hard candy it’s starts getting full and vomits slime like substance and what’s interesting about it the slime like substance begins to come to life and it’s purple it was called Scp-6000-A1 and was it does nothing but read books it was non as the intelligent’s slime but we’ll get to that in another time.

Special Containment:Scp-6000-2 is in a big box with toys,books,glasses and food.

Special Procedures:Scp-6000-2 is to keep a close eye on and to make sure if it makes any other color slime and to be feed under every 24 hours.

Recording1:Scp-6000-A1 has show great progress it can learn how to use chemicals and creat new chemicals like substance.

Recording2:A new scp has been born from Scp-6000-2.Color green this green slime is not smart like Scp-6000-A1 but Scp-6000-A2 is very fast and silly all the time I don’t know why but we think that each color represents an emotion each one it different from the last
Scp-6000-A2 is a real pain but we gave it toys so it can calm down.

Recording3:Another one was well two actually we called these two Scp-6000-A3 and A4 one is blue the other is red we don’t know why there both born at the same time but we do know the emotions the Scp-6000-A3 is the blue sadness and Scp-6000-A4 is known as the red anger these two are very difficult to calm down we have Scp-6000-A3 a plushie it’s kinda cute when you see it looking at you but for Scp-6000-A4 it was really hard to control this Scp had to be calm down with rock n roll music it really like it any way Scp-6000-A3 sometimes cry and it’s not that dangerous but for Scp-6000-A4 it scream at us and started to do pranks and it gotten really annoying.

Recording4:A few days later it started to give birth to another but it’s took more longer than I thought it gave birth to a yellow slime and we call it Scp-6000-A5 this one is really lazy and sleeps all the time it bearly even moves to one place to another this Scp does not run nore it moves it just shuffle and stops and that’s it really.

Recording5:One month later and it gave birth to a gray slime we call it Scp-6000-A6.
Scp-6000-A6 Is a gray slime it carry’s a lot of emotions and it’s very protective it can go to one place to another and it’s more faster than Scp-6000-A2 and it really loves to comuticate with all the other Scp-999/6000’s and it’s really like’s to fight all the time so we called it a warrior

Recording6:Well it has been 5 minutes so yeah it gave birth to a brown like slime we called it Scp-6000-A7 this has a new record of all the other Scps ever had but let’s get to the point Scp-6000-A7 is a very strang one this Scp is related to Scp-6000-A6 but this Scp really likes to build a lot of things this Scp wants to help build the stuff we’re building but we can’t allow it to make contact with anyone out side of the Foundation so we have it a job to fix stuff that are broken it got really excited so we gave it some tools and it got to work there were some amazing results this scp is important to the foundation so we keep this one.

Recording7:It has been one year and Scp-6000-2 has gave birth to three more and we called them Scp-6000-A8 and Scp-6000-A9 and Scp-6000-A10 and this is a hall new record anyways we’ll get started so Scp-6000-A8 is a Very great scp this scp can make dimonds when it eats candy we call it the diamond maker. Know Scp-6000-A9 is a very unknown Scp this scp is a teleportation slime that can go to one place to another we try to get this one and contain it we succeeded to recapture this one.Know the scp is the last one we called it Scp-6000-A10 and this one is a pink Scp this scp is known as the love slime this slime can also make more slime like scps so we thought we can make another Scp-999 so we show her to Scp-999 to Scp-6000-A10 and show strange results Scp-999 blush’s to Scp-6000-A10 and we thought it can work so we left those two for 4 days and we’ll there we’re alote of results like
Scp-6000-A10 it know big as the room well not that big but Scp-999 is still blushing So we remove Scp-6000-A10 from Scp-999 and it gave birth to a new scp-999 but expected it was the same Scp when we use Scp-999 slime this Scp was Scp-e-999 and it head butt a lot of people and bit and slap so we gave Scp-e-999 to Scp-999 and share the same results.

Result:Scp-6000-2 is a Interesting object that is both living and item but there were test on the D-class and the results were interesting.

Interview:Top Secret

Begin:Log1: How are you Scp-999-Black?
Scp-999-Black: I’m doing fine Dr.Alex how are you?
Dr.Alex:I’m doing good know let talk about your behavior shall we.
Scp-999-Black: Behaver I don’t know what your talking about?
Dr.Alex: You know what I’m talking about or did you just forget?
Scp-999-Black: Oh that I didn’t do anything I swear.
Dr.Alex: If you say so.
Log1:Dr.Alex: Scp-999-Black is a liar or didn’t know what it did The O5 tell use to keep this one is a secret this Scp-999-Black is extremely Dangerous In Scp Foundation.Inc The Scp name is Black Goo
Begin:Log3 Scp-999-Black are you ok?
Scp-999-Black:Yes but Dr.Alex?
Scp-999-Black:What is the meaning of life?
Dr.Alex: Um I I don’t know actually?
Scp-999-Black: THEN YOU CAN GO TO Hell!!!
Log10:Dr.Alex:Scp-999-Black is getting unstable I don’t know what to do and I’m scared
Begin:Log:CRASHES Dr.Alex: Help get me out of here. Scp-999-Black: No one is coming for you Dr.Alex.Dr.Alex:No plz somebody help me.Scp-999-Black: your here with me all alone and helpless.Dr.Alex:HELP!!!…Scp-999-Black: Ready or not here I….Women Scream….Log Failed:Unknown person:hello.*Dr.Alex: Is anyone there
Document:Testing:Results: Dr.Alex has been turn into Scp-999 we keep her around since she remembers who she is usually people that who has been turn into Scp-999 gets terminated but she is stronger than Scp-999-Black no further testing.