JaonHax Demos

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Basically, how this works is I show you what I can do with pages, and you (yes, I'm talking to you) let me know if you want me to insert something like one of these into a page you have. Will do stuff for Sandbox and actual SCP pages. Just gotta give me credit for helping out. Gotta get my name out there, ya know?

Also, you've probably already noticed, but I have a bit of tech demo stuff going on right away. This is probably the simplest stuff I can do, though, so keep going if you want to learn how I can trick out your page.

The stuff on my Demos page is not an exhaustive list, and I'm fluent in Google, so I can quickly find out how to do something if I don't already know how. I look forward to doing business with you (assuming you haven't already stopped reading out of boredom)!

Demos that use Collapsibles

I'm not using those on this page anymore, since most seem to get messed up by my animated collapsible code.

Link back to my Sandbox page.