Name: Infinity Pool

Object Class: Keter

Location: It does not have one set location.

Description: It is a pool with an infinite depth and it will move around but it has limitations, it will never move more than 90 meters than its last location and seems to stay strictly in the United States and is said to contain SCP-5212-C: a giant eel looking similar to SPC-3000, but doesn't seem to always resonate in SCP-5212-B, unlike SCP-5212-A: a thin layer of film that is always at the top of SCP-5212-B to mark that it is there. SCP-5212-C also known as Deptharnid, is Euclid Class because of its tendencies to eat anything in the pool while it is also in there. SCP-5212-A also known as Pool Film is in the Safe Class, it seems to do nothing except make people scared of the water in the pool, which is good considering that SCP-5212-C might be lurking in there. It will also continue to make the person scared even if it is removed from the pool and will not grow back on the pool until the SCP returns there again.


Deep, dark and scary


Might have other SCPs inside of it