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Item #: SCP-4

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Those assigned to the containment and study of fictional anomalies, pataphysics, and sub-prime metaverses are to be well-versed and cognizant of the emotional and psychological climates of the narratives and characters with which they work. Personnel are to strictly resist emotional and psychological identification with said characters unless granted Level-5 approval.

No personnel involved in the management of, or who are otherwise aware of SCP-4 are allowed to create works of fiction, unless mandated with concurrent approval from both Lead Research and Administration. These personnel are to be thoroughly versed in Supplement 4-α.

Description: SCP-4 is the designation given to narrativic intersections that allow for pataphysical transportation and/or transfiguration1 between parallel planes. The conceptualization of SCP-4 began with the observation that sets of qualities can exist as constants between parallel narrativic layers. Instances of SCP-4 exists when (and as) any set of qualities sufficiently overlap between two narratives.

It has long been known and observed by the Foundation that fictional entities can traverse between pataphysical planes of existence. Until recent discoveries leading to and regarding SCP-4, the mechanism of such events was unknown.

Because conditions within instances of SCP-4 are indistinguishable across parallel planes, there are no pataphysical means by which a participant of the conditions may soundly argue that they are within one plane of narrative as opposed to another. It is via this lack of a narrativic frame of reference that pataphysical travel is possible. As such, instances of SCP-4 have been referred to as "narrativic singularities", "pataphysical wormholes", "construct overlaps", or "plot tunnels".

Pataphysical transportation via SCP-4 most commonly involves positive planar travel2, and can theoretically involve as many consecutive, parallel planes as feature the specific conditions of a given SCP-4 instance.