Scp 10006 The Dimension Lamp

Class: Euclid

Procedures: SCP 10006 is contained in a 5 M x 5 M x 5 M square box. SCP 10006 has a 5 cm wall around, This SCP doesn't need alot of security.

Description: SCP 10006 is a very old table lamp that will teleport you to another dimension if you are in the light of this SCP. It will switch on at night but at day it will switch off. In this dimension there is a haunted house, If you are in this dimension you will hallucinate monsters and other types of creatures. This dimension have trees and grass but the grass is really sharp and can cut through human skin but they do have a lake but it is drinkable but you will get really sick. You have to stay in this place for a year but when you come back you will have a coma and a nightmare with these monsters. If you go into the haunted house you are going to be very scared and faint you will see chairs, tables, carpets and chandeliers that are moving.

The hallucinations Scp is name 10006-1, Scp 10006-2 and Scp 10006-3. Scp 10006-1 is a 6 meter long reptile and a 4 meters tall and can give you a hearth attack. If sees any living creature it will run towards it opening its jaw, The gum and teeth of Scp 10006-1 is full of blood. This hallucination will never disappear until you are out of the dimension and your coma. Scp 10006-2 however is a scary human that will always try to kill you, He doesn't have any ears or eyes and has a huge mouth, He always appear is the wood and he appears even after you get out, He sometimes give you nightmares and even bad memories. Scp 10006-3 is a blob which is red he is mostly cute but every month he gets scarier in the last two months he will have a lot of blood on him and still appears after your coma and will hunt you on the last three months. He starts nice and friendly and gets hostile the more months that pass.