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Item #: SCP-4312

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4312 is contained using a dual-chamber configuration. The chambers are to be stored aboveground within a seismically secured structure. Both the internal and external chambers are to be opaque and hermetically sealed, made using material from SCP-████ and SCP-████. The inner containment unit is to be suspended within an isolating matrix, to prevent vibrations of sonic or seismic nature from reaching SCP-4312. SCP-4312 is to be secured under vacuum within the inner containment unit at all times, and suspended within the chamber by electromagnetic levitation units to secure SCP-4312 in place.

At no time is SCP-4312 to be moved from its position within the containment unit, with the exception of being moved for testing and/or mapping its topology. Further testing of SCP-4312 forbidden by order of O5-█.

Video recording devices are to be kept away from SCP-4312 and its containment unit at all times. with the exception of use for testing its cognitohazardous properties.

All subjects exhibiting symptoms of SCP-4312-1 are to be kept in standard humanoid containment units and will receive counseling from authorized Site-██ psychiatrists as needed, with appointments occurring once per week at minimum. Instances of SCP-4312-2 are not to be interacted with by anyone lacking Level 4312/3 clearance or higher.

At no time is any SCP-4312-2 instance to be re-exposed to SCP-4312. Re-exposure constitutes a breach in containment, and will be referred to as a 4312-Δ event. The occurrence of a 4312-Δ event will require the mobilization of Mobile Task Forces θ-90 "Angle Grinders" and η-10 "See No Evil" to recontain SCP-4312 while minimizing the risk of casualties resulting from physical exposure to higher-dimensional topology, cognitohazardous effects, and hostile SCP-4312-2.

Description: SCP-4312 is a █-dimensional object measuring [REDACTED], composed of an unknown material that exhibits a cognitohazardous effect (SCP-4312-1) on all humans observing it in motion along any higher-dimensional axis/axes. All affected subjects (hereby designated as instances of SCP-4312-2) will upon observation begin perceiving time as a physical dimension, and will be able to "see" [REDACTED] years into the future and past at most, centered on their current position in time. SCP-4312-2 also become unable to perceive or comprehend time as anything but a physical dimension, which invariably causes nihilistic views in ██.█% of affected subjects, as most will be able to see the entirety of their future. Depressive disorders are a common result of this effect; as such, Site-██ psychiatrists with proper clearance are to be assigned to all current SCP-4312-2 instances.

The only exception to this is SCP-4312-2 that perceive themselves coming into contact with SCP-4312 (hereby designated SCP-4312-2-A), due to [DATA EXPUNGED]. All SCP-4312-2-A will invariably come into contact with SCP-4312 in some capacity, and are to be terminated as soon as possible; with preparations being made for a 4312-Δ event.

MRI scans of SCP-4312-2 instances reveal that SCP-4312-1 causes strong spatial distortions within the brains of affected subjects. Further research has revealed that the brains of SCP-4312-2 are reconfigured to █-dimensional analogues of their initial state to allow SCP-4312-2 to perceive time as a physical dimension, and [REDACTED, see interview log].

Interview Log: