Item#: SCP-2473

Object class: safe

Containment procedures: item SCP 2473 is to be kept in (a site used for storage) and is only to be taken out for test after authorisation from someone with level 3 clearance or higher

Description: SCP-2473 was moved to (a site used for storage) after being collected from a home in australia, (REDACTED), at coordinates -37.(REDACTED), 145.(REDACTED) it’s original origins are as of yet unknown it is made from an unknown metal it resembles a normal play station 3 but it is covered in black paint witch covers the metal efforts to remove the paint have been unsuccessful the only other thing of note about its looks is there is a small set of initials scratched into the bottom reading j,c SCP-2473 was seized along with a disc SCP-1247-1 this disc appears to be a cheap knock off of (REDACTED)

Tests show that when SCP-1247-1 is inserted into SCP-1247 you are able to play through the first level of the game normally and nothing unusual happens but when you get to the end of the level everything goes black and the words “what would you like to know” appear on screen after a series of questions getting more and more complex it was worked out that SCP-1247-1 is able to answer questions about anything besides its origin or its creator as it claims “I do not know” but other questions were answered flawlessly when asked who Donald trump is it stated “the current president of the United States” when asked questions about what the researches names were it answered correctly as well as anyone can tell the legitimacy of the answers it gives are true