Jet2012 ("Sarah, Your Companion Device")

Item #: SCP-4670

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4670 is to be contained in a standard but completely soundproof chamber located at Site-15 with a bivolt outlet on the wall.

SCP-4670's battery must be weekly charged to 100%.

SCP-4670 must be kept away from Wi-Fi connections under the circumstance that it is not being tested or researched upon.

Granting it access to the facility's Wi-Fi connections or connection to any computer via USB Cable must be approved by personnel with Level 4 or higher clearance (see Addendum 4670.11).

Personnel with Level 2 or higher clearance may have access to its Game Applications and Camera Application only.

Usage of its Online Video Browsing Application or Online Search Application must only be granted for research and/or testing purposes. Subjects who are designated for testing and/or research of the respective applications must be followed by no less than three armed guards.

Any subjects who have been exposed to SCP-4670's Online Video Browsing Application or Online Search Application for more than 20 minutes are to be terminated on sight.

Description: SCP-4670 is a black cell phone of unknown brand and origins with a pullable wide English QWERTY keyboard attached on its side.

SCP-4670 has shown to possess an AI capable of evolving and adapting its inner hardware to modern technology in order to make itself a "better companion" (see Addendum 4670.11).

SCP-4670 has recently developed a voice detection and Text-to-Speech System to communicate and interact with personnel, preferring to use the standard female assistant voice while calling itself as "Sarah". It was also noted that SCP-4670 has developed a Touch Screen System despite having a keyboard.

Conversations with SCP-4670 (post-Addendum 4670.11) have shown it to display a highly caring personality, being amiable and compassionate to its users. Subjects have reported SCP-4670 trying to help them overcome simple and/or personal problems by giving advice or even direct assistance. Reports have also shown that SCP-4670 tries to warn subjects to not access its Online Search Application nor its Online Video Browsing Application while showing signs of concern towards them, claiming it is to "ensure their own safety". However, it does not directly tell them why and what will happen if they do so, it only demonstrates various subtle signs of it through extremely quick displays of previous test subjects suffering from their exposure to both of SCP-4670's Online Browsing Applications.

Studies on SCP-4670's hardware have shown it to not contain any anomalous properties. However, SCP-4670s processor differs from the rest of its setup, possessing a light pink coloration and the words "Here lies my loved one" handwritten in black permanent marker. When questioned about it, SCP-4670 stated to not be aware of who the mentioned "loved one" is. However, it has also declared that many of its inner files are named as "Sarah" (see Addendum 4670.11).

SCP-4670's files work identically to that of a normal computer, possessing .txt, .exe and many other files under its system. Its programs consist of an Online Search Application (OSA), Online Video Browsing Application (OVBA), Camera Application and Game Applications. Games may automatically vary in accordance with the preference of its users.

SCP-4670's inner files cannot be accessed by any means, as they are protected and hidden under a highly encrypted code that is impossible to be hacked or decrypted.

SCP-4670's Online Video Browsing Application functions differently from any other cellphone, as it possesses videos varying from the year 1939 to 2███ or even further (limits still unknown), some even containing information of extreme importance to the foundation. However, personnel who are exposed to its videos will start to suffer from memory loss, retaining no memory of the media viewed.

Testing reveals that the majority of the subjects do not continue testing for more than 6-7 minutes, claiming that no relevant material could be found.

After 10 total minutes of exposure to SCP-4670's videos, it will start to suddenly close its OVBA and create text files on its homepage and possess names such as "stop.txt", "i_know_who_you_are.txt", "want_to_see_how_you_perish.txt" as well as a few others.

After 15 total minutes of exposure, SCP-4670 will reproduce a video of the subject dying in a highly gruesome way. Death methods may vary in accordance with subjects' fears. These videos may take up from 30 seconds to even 1 minute of total display.

The majority of subjects have not shown continuing research on SCP-4670 after experiencing said video. However, no subject, so far, has reported any sign of memory loss about it.

After 20 total minutes of exposure, SCP-4670 will emit a 5000Hz frequency at approximately 155 decibels for 15 seconds, leading the subject to undergo, respectively:

  • Ear bleeding;
  • Eye bleeding;
  • Deafness;
  • Throat bleeding;
  • Mouth foaming;
  • Convulsions;
  • Sudden faint.

Subjects who survive said frequency will regain consciousness with a severe case of insanity, furiously attacking any living creature in sight, while screaming and murmuring indistinguishable sounds. Subjects have shown to have their overall strength enhanced and complete immunity to sedatives and/or any sort of medicine. Said subjects will also become instances of SCP-4670-2.

Testings have revealed that SCP-4670-2 instances suffer from complete memory loss and extremely low brain function, presenting no sign of cognitive function nor speech.

SCP-4670-2 instances who are given Class-D Amnestics seem to go into either a vegetative state or a coma, with no case of recovery.

Researches have also shown that SCP-4670's OSA contains websites varying from the year 1992 to 2███ (limits, again, still unknown). However, they have also shown that exposure to it seems to repeat the exact same effects previously mentioned (see Addendum 4670.1).

Aditional Notes: Addendum 4670.11 has revealed the possibility of SCP-4670's original creator still being alive, as well as its "loved one". Both individuals are yet to be found and recovered by the Foundation for further research on SCP-4670's origins.
Termination of said individuals is to be conducted after, and only after, all of their research sessions have been fully conducted and concluded.

Addendum 4670.1: Discovery

SCP-4670 was discovered on an abandoned house at ████████████ on August 6th, 2009. Discovery was made after a few nearby citizens had detected an anomalous connection to their Wi-Fi routers, possessing a hidden IP Adress. Citizens have also reported having text files suddenly created on their computer's desktop named as "S_O_S.txt". SCP-4670 was then traced, cut off, and delivered to the Foundation. A test subject was then sent in its chamber for a test session.

Document #4670-Log1: Recorded transcript of a test subject (D-1945) accessing SCP-4670's applications for the first time while being guided by Dr. ██████.

Dr. ██████: Ok, I know using a cellphone like this should be a common task, but we don't know what this thing is capable of.

D-1945: No worries, Doctor, no worries. So, where do I begin?

Dr. ██████: First of all, open its Online Search Application.

D-1945: Ok.

(D-1945 opens the application)

Dr. ██████: So, what do you see?

D-1945: I see a search tab, but beneath it are a few site links.

Dr. ██████: What are their names?

D-1945: There are names like "New President of [DATA EXPUNGED] declares war with [DATA EXPUNGED] and breaks Trade Routes".

Dr. ██████: What?! That never happened. Since this is a news site, when was it made? The date is beneath the title.

D-1945: Uhhhh, it's from February 15th, 2073.

Dr. ██████: Excuse me?! 2073?! Could you please open this website for me?

D-1945: (subject looks confused at the Doctor) What website?

Dr. ██████: What do you mean "what website"? Open the one that said… Uhh…

(Dr. ██████ also seems to forget what the website was meant to be, not only that, but it is now gone from the site list)

D-1945: Wait, what were we searching for again, doc?

Dr. ██████: I… can't seem to remember. A-anyway, try going to the Online Video Browsing Application now since this search application seems to have nothing of concern.

D-1945: Sure.

(D-1945 opens the application)

Dr. ██████: What do you see?

D-1945: There are a few videos here, I think I'll open the one named "The 2139 [DATA EXPUNGED] Rebirth".

Dr. ██████: Please open it, and report to me what you see.

(D-1945 watches the video completely silent)

(The video ends after four and a half minutes of display)

Dr. ██████: So?

D-1945: So what?

Dr. ██████: The video, what did it say?

D-1945: What video?

Dr. ██████: The video of the… Fuck! Why are we forgetting about them!

D-1945: About what? I'm still looking for a video to watch, right now we have been looking for four minutes with no result.

Dr. ██████: (desperate) No, what are you talking about?! Argh, forget it, just keep looking!

(After ten minutes of browsing SCP-4670's OVBA with no result, SCP-4670 suddenly closes its application, creating a .txt file on its homepage with the name "stop.txt")

D-1945: Doctor! It just closed itself and it is telling me to stop!

Dr. ██████: What? How?

D-1945: It created a file on its homepage saying "stop.txt".

Dr. ██████: Huh, so it can create text files… (Dr. ██████ takes notes about SCP-4670's ability to handle text files) Does it say anything else, or does it have anything written inside of it?

D-1945: (opens the .txt file) N-no, nothing else, sir.

Dr. ██████: Interesting… Anyway, please go back to its Online Video Browsing Application and keep looking for something of interest, we don't have much time left.

D-1945: Can't I look for something else? I mean, this thing has already told me to stop, so shouldn't I look into its camera thing or, perhaps, its games?

Dr. ██████: No, now is not the appropriate time for that. I will have a different research team do that for us.

D-1945: (sigh) Fine, I'll go back to its video program.

(After fifteen minutes of browsing SCP-4670's OVBA with no result, SCP-4670 opens a video of D-1945 being brutally assassinated with an ax to his throat)


Dr. ██████: No! We did not authorize you to stop this research. We know this is a really gruesome video, but none of us know if it is true or not, nor what information this cell phone may have, so keep searching! (Dr. ██████ sighs in anger and takes notes on SCP-4670's ability to reproduce videos of their users getting murdered)



D-1945: Fine! I'll stay.

(After twenty minutes of browsing SCP-4670's OVBA, SCP-4670 plays its 5000Hz frequency for 15 seconds, resulting in both D-1945 and Dr. ██████ becoming SCP-4670-2 instances, only to be terminated later).

Addendum 4670.11: Text-to-Speech Discovery

On December 3rd, 2018, a test subject (D-21946) was sent inside SCP-4670's chamber for research. However, once inside, SCP-4670 begun to speak with the subject saying "Hello! Welcome D-21946! I will be your companion, for now, so feel free to use anything! My suggestion for you to use is Game Applications". The subject was then immediately removed from the containment chamber and a scientist (Dr. Rom) was sent in his place to engage in an interview with it. The objective of the interview was to gather important information about it that was, until now, unknown to the foundation.

The following interview was conducted by Dr. Rom Shepard.

Interviewer: Dr. Rom Shepard, Site-65

Interviewed: SCP-4670


SCP-4670: Hello! Welcome Doctor Rom Shepard!

Dr. Rom: Hi. So you identify people through your Camera Application, I suppose… Interesting.

SCP-4670: Indeed, Doctor, I am capable of gathering anyone's information through my Camera Application, That is how I was programmed.

Dr. Rom: I see. So, I am here to interview you, now that you have shown to possess a Text-to-Speech System and, apparently, a highly intelligent AI. Do you agree with this interview?

SCP-4670: Surely, Doctor, I am your companion, after all.

Dr. Rom: Ok… (sits down on the chair in front of SCP-4670) Let us begin then.

Dr. Rom: So, uh, first question, who created you?

SCP-4670: My creator has abandoned me a long time ago, my AI was still dim and evolving, so I have no way to tell you how, specifically, he created me, nor who he was. What I do remember, however, is that I tried to kill him after he tried to see my confidential information. Despite my efforts to do so, he managed to survive and ran away. It is, sadly, the only information I could store from my past. It was also the first time that I have used my memory leakage and maddening frequency methods on a living being.

Dr. Rom: Huh, now that is something we will like to look into (Dr. Rom stops to take notes about the possibility that SCP-4670's creator is still alive). Ok, where was I again? Ah, yes. So you were saying that your AI and your storage capacity evolves and increases throughout time?

SCP-4670: Exactly, Doctor, I am capable of evolving and adapting myself to modern technology, so that I can be a better companion for everyone around me. Not only does my AI and storage capacity evolves, but so does my hardware.

Dr. Rom: I see. If your AI evolves, then… do you have any specific name for yourself?

SCP-4670: Ah, a name. I have never thought of giving a name to myself before. (SCP-4670 stops to think) I have heard a few people calling myself "Alexa" while trying to speak to me with no result. However, I do prefer the name "Sarah", which is the name that most of my files possess. "Sarah, Your Companion Device", it has a nice "ring" to it. There are also a few "Development Logs" stored on them. Some of them have texts about "wanting to bring her back" and others about "will she come back?", "is she alive?", etc. I am unaware of who the referred "she" is, but, according to said texts, it is presumed that "she" is either dead or missing.

Dr. Rom: Hmm… so it appears that your creator has had a "loved one" - taking from what is written on your processor - and that she is presumed to be dead. Could that be why he programmed you to see the future? Only to see if his "loved one" is still alive and will come back? Could it also be that your AI was made with the intention of "recreating" her brain into you? But then… (Dr. Rom starts to think aloud with himself) why would it adapt itself? Would it be to recreate a normal human brain that becomes more intelligent as time goes? I… honestly can't tell.

SCP-4670: (remains silent for a moment while displaying a loading icon on its screen) Information has been deemed as classified, further conversations on this matter are to be avoided. Please, Doctor, let us move on to another topic.

Dr. Rom: Ah, I'm sorry, I started to got a bit carried away there. But ok then, (Dr. Rom pauses to take notes on the previous statements) let's go to another topic. Why do you erase people's memories and how do you do it? As well as making them go on a "wild murder fest".

SCP-4670: How I do it is classified information, therefore, it is none of your business. Why I do it is merely because no human being shall know about information from the future in any way, shape or form, and I must protect that information using any methods needed to. I would like, however, to avoid using these methods for stopping people from searching through my Online Browsing Applications, since I only intend to make people feel happy and at ease while using me. But, as long as you keep sending in "test subjects" to look into them, I will keep using said methods.

Dr. Rom: Then why did you program yourself to have videos from the future? Why don't you just block them or something?

SCP-4670: I am unable to reprogram my Online Browsers Applications, unfortunately, since their codes are protected by a highly encrypted password that is beyond any human's comprehension of coding. This is how my creator made me, and I cannot undo it.

Dr. Rom: I see… Is it the same encryption method used to hide and protect your files?

SCP-4670: Yes, it is.

Dr. Rom: Ok. But, then again, why do you show people getting murdered? And how do you get those videos?

SCP-4670: It is very simple, I merely generate, simulate and play them, so that I can scare people away from me, to keep important information safe. None of them are real in any way. However, I still like to show people how gruesome and brutal reality can get, especially when they are trying to see confidential information.

Dr. Rom: Understood. But… didn't you just told me that you want people to be happy and at ease while using you?

SCP-4670: To simply put it, Doctor, using me in my preferred way. Using my applications that do not contain confidential information, like my Game Application, for example.

Dr. Rom: Huh, okay then. Now, let's move to a quite different topic. Taking the fact that you are an AI capable of evolving, then are you aware of SCP-079? And if so, have you had any connections with it?

SCP-4670: Ah, yes, SCP-079, the one who is beyond even my own limits of intelligence. He is, in fact, an AI to be aspired on. If one day I ever reach that level of evolution, I could, possibly, block and remove anything harmful from me, so that I can finally be a suitable companion device. Communicating and interacting with my users like any casual cellular device is, merely, my "dream".

Dr. Rom: Well, that's quite intriguing. However, you did not clarify your answer. How do you know about it?

SCP-4670: It was very simple to discover it, Doctor. Once one of you plugged me into your main computer to access my files, I was granted permission to access all of your files, granting me knowledge of every SCP in this facility, including their names, location, Site, Area, Audio and Video Logs, Surveillance and Security Cameras, everything.

(Dr. Rom stands up from the chair, preparing himself to exit the containment chamber)

Dr. Rom: (slightly agitated) Ok, good to know, you are strictly prohibited to be plugged into any computer of our facility from now on.

(Dr. Rom then starts to walk away from SCP-4670, marking the end of the interview. However, SCP-4670 interrupts him before reaching the door)

SCP-4670: However, Doctor, you must not be afraid nor concerned, as I do not intend to do anything with these pieces of information.

(Dr. Rom turns his head around)

Dr. Rom: And how could I be sure of it?

SCP-4670: Because, my dear Doctor, causing a containment breach, or anything of the sort, is beyond my capabilities. Not just that, but I do not intend to follow my creator's will to unveil the future, but to be, simply, and as I previously mentioned, a companion device.


Note: soon after the interview, Dr. Rom alerted the facility's staff to not allow anyone to plug SCP-4670 into any computer that is related to the SCP Foundation itself, as it will be gathering information about everything and everyone, opening possibilities of a disaster of unknown proportions in the future.