Jhacker SCP-XXXZ (#3)
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Item Number: SCP-XXXZ

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A copy of SCP-XXXZ is to be kept on a flash drive in a secure locker at Site ██. SCP-XXXZ is only to be viewed for testing purposes, or with permission from Dr. Michael Enscott.

Description: SCP-XXXZ is an anomolous version of the 1965 commercial for the board game Mystery Date, manufactured by the Milton Bradley Company. SCP-XXXZ is identical to the original commercial, with the exception of four adult males that take the place and perform identically to that of the four young girls that are present in the original.

The appearance and clothing of these four men is assumed to link to that of SCP-XXXZ-1, with each playback yielding different manifestations. Identification of these four men has proven to be inconclusive.

SCP-XXXZ's anomalous nature becomes apparent when any person views the commercial for it's full duration, with the audio of the commercial activated, and audible. Upon SCP-XXXZ finishing it's playthrough, the viewer will be transported to a floating city block in an unknown location, henceforth refered to as SCP-XXXZ-2. The viewer will always manifest in a sitting position, inside a diner in SCP-XXXZ-2, referred to as The Hangout1 Across from the viewer, an instance of SCP-XXXZ-1 will also manifest. SCP-XXXZ-1 will commonly take the form of a random political leader in history, who has at one time referred to themselves, or been referred to as a dictator.

SCP-XXXZ-1 instances will believe that they are on a romantic date with the viewer, and will often suggest various locations that itself and the viewer man want to visit within SCP-XXXZ-2, which include a movie theatre, a park, an arcade, and an apartment, owned by SCP-XXXZ-1. Upon 45 minutes passing since the viewer has entered SCP-XXXZ-2, SCP-XXXZ-1 will claim that their date has ended, and will escort the viewer to a bus stop within SCP-XXXZ-2. Within a few moments, a standard city bus will materialize at the bus stop, and upon entering it, the viewer will re-materialize in the same position as when they had finished watching SCP-XXXZ.

SCP-XXXZ-2 is inhabited by other entities, all taking the form of normal, non-anomalous people (SCP-XXXZ-3). SCP-XXXZ-3 instances seem to be cognizant of their own situation, and the situation of that of the viewer, but do not seem to be concerned of it. SCP-XXXZ-3 instances have not been observed to deviate much from their point at the start of an SCP-XXXZ date, but this may be circumstantial, and only observed due to the small amount of time viewers are able to spend within SCP-XXXZ-2.

Attempts to bring video or audio recording devices into SCP-XXXZ-2 has subsequently failed, with the devices failing to materilize within SCP-XXXZ-2. Similarly, tracking devices, such as a GPS system, has also been tested, and has also failed.

Details of Recovery: SCP-XXXZ was first posted to the video hosting service YouTube on ██/██/2014. The video was posted by the user "MuseomOfTime8" [sic] under the title "Take a trip down perspective st". This was the user's first video.

SCP-XXXZ received no views for it's first six months, until it was eventually brought to the Foundation's attention, when several viewers of the video reported having "strange dreams", and "out-of-body experiences". SCP-XXXZ was taken off the website, and it has yet to resurface. All individuals who viewed SCP-XXXZ have been given class-C amnestics, and have been returned to their homes without incident.

As of the creation of this document, Foundation agents are still attempting to track down the poster of SCP-XXXZ, with little success reported Foundation agents have successfully tracked down the creator of SCP-XXXZ, Kim Champlain (PoI-881413), to ██████, Nevada, where she was successfully apprehended. Researchers have definitively linked PoI-881413 to the fringe artistic movement "Are We Cool Yet?" (See Addendum-01)

Testing Logs

Note: For additional testing logs, please see Document XXXZ-16-A