SCP-XXXX-Mr. Simpson

Item #- 3869

Object Class- Euclid

Special Containment Procedures- SCP-3869 is to be contained in a room with ventilation providing mustard gas to the room as this keeps the object docile. The walls must be made out of reinforced concrete and soundproof so SCP-3869s ''Teachings'' cannot be heard. When personnel enter the container, a hazmat suit and soundproof earmuffs must be worn.

Description: SCP-3869 is a young slightly overweight male with a patchy beard and dirty blonde hair. Surveillance often sees 3869 pacing around his room and speaking in a non-distinct language, translation experts at the facility have identified it as a mix between German and French.

SCP-3869 was discovered by the facility after several child deaths were linked to it's classroom in ████████ ████████ Academy in the UK. 2 children were found on the site both rocking forward and back as if going through trauma. Interviews with SCP revealed that it thinks it is a history teacher majoring in Nazi Germany.

D-1993 and D-879 were sent in to experience one of SCP-3869 ''lessons'' when we pulled them out we asked them about their experience, D-1993 began to recite memories from world war 2 as if the subject had been there themself, D-879 began to speak in an inaudible language closely linking to the language that SCP-3869 speaks. Both subjects showed clear distaste when Adolf Hitler was mentioned with D-1993 begging not to show the picture.