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Item #: SCP-3382

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3382 is to be kept in a standard containment locker at the site ██. Access to the storage is to be granted only to Class-D personnel under the supervision of at least two armed security personnel. No other personnel is permitted to enter SCP-3382 storage until sufficient data regarding the entity's mind-affecting properties is collected. Test subjects leaving the storage area are to be tested for anomalous behavior.

All fragments of SCP-3382-1 through 7 (1\7), as well as all instances of SCP-3382-A through G (A\G) are to be disposed of via incineration. All samples of SCP-3382 are to be sent separately in closed containers to the nearest research lab.

Update #4: Following the event 3382-Hardy, no direct contact with samples of SCP-3382 is to be made by research personnel. For more details, see Document #3382-H.

Update #6: By the request of the Ethics Committee, tests with Class-D personnel have been discontinued.

Description: SCP-3382 is a small collection (seven pieces) of leather garments. Individual pieces vary in size, material, and type of clothing. Each garment appears to be made out of a single type of leather, with an exception of SCP-3382-5, which is composed of large scraps of several types of leather stitched together with leather thongs.

SCP-3382-1\7 emit infrared radiation, the amount corresponding to internal body temperatures of
the animals from which skin was tanned. Lab tests have shown that all materials used in the production of SCP-3382 possess unusual resilience to mechanical damage, although applying sufficient force1 will result in damage to the material. Incineration has so far proved most effective in destroying SCP-3382.

When no human subjects are present in the same room as SCP-3382, the object will remain in its inactive state, exhibiting no anomalous properties. Introducing a human subject to the room results in SCP-3382 entering its semi-active state. In that state, the object will begin to emit what was is perceived by test subjects as a feeling of comfort2. SCP-3382 will remain in this state until subject puts on one of the garment pieces or leaves the room.

Upon being worn, SCP-3382 piece will enter its active state. The subject is then unable to remove the anomalous piece of clothing, eventually becoming an instance of SCP-3382-A\G. Major alterations to the subject's body structure will begin. It seems that said alterations would eventually lead to subject's body taking a form similar to that of an animal corresponding to the worn element of SCP-3382, if not for a human body's inability to sustain such severe changes to its structure.

The process usually progresses as follows:

  • Between 0-15 minutes, alterations to the bone and muscle structure begin.
  • After approx. 20 minutes, subject will make effort to assault any lifeform in sight. At that point, the subject will exhibit increased strength, though movement is limited due to limb alterations.
  • After 30-40 minutes, subjects will begin to mutilate themselves in an attempt to remove SCP-3382.
  • By 60 minutes, all test subjects have expired due to various causes, including internal bleeding, multiple organ failure, and trauma-related events.
  • After the expiration of the host, SCP-3382 will start to repair any damage inflicted during the process, and then detach itself from the host. The means through which the artifacts repair themselves are currently unknown.

Addendum#1: SCP-3382 was recovered from a warehouse located in ████████, France. The warehouse belonged to a local tannery. The Foundation was contacted by agent ████, after reports of mauling in the tannery, which resulted in the death of all facility personnel. Agent reported a rack of leather clothing and an apparently dry, clean and intact jacket lying beside the corpse of what appeared to be a deformed canine. It has been confirmed that animal rights group "Wild and Outraged" came into possession of SCP-3382 shortly before the event, which suggests a connection between the group and the massacre.

Additional information regarding SCP-3382:

Experiment Log 3382-I
Dr. Pierce
Subject: D-1923 (32, male, Caucasian)
Object: SCP-3382-1 (leather jacket, domestic pig [Sus scrofa], black)
Procedure: Subject is asked to put on SCP-3382-1. D-1923 complies, reporting feeling "very nice and comfy".
Event Log:
T-2min. : Subject reports pain in his legs.
T-15min. : Feet collapse into large bone calluses, causing subject to fall on his knees. Subject shows signs of great distress. Words: "I didn't know, I'm sorry!" spoken by D-1923 are recorded.
T-23min. : Neck shortens, severe alterations to the skull and spine structure, changes in vocal cords, increased teeth growth. Further communication impossible, subject classified as SCP-3382-A.
T-26min. : SCP-3382-A expires due to asphyxiation caused by major growth of creature's tongue.

Researcher's note#1: It looks like these clothes hide something more. Perhaps memories, or, as someone has suggested, minds or… souls of these animals (and this person). Immensely scared and angry. We don't even know if they are sentient or just store the memories. If former is true, is the metamorphosis of the host an intrinsic property od SCP-3382 or do these entities knowingly cause hosts to… step into their shoes, so to speak?
- Senior Researcher R. Glenwick

Researcher's note#2: I agree with my colleague Glenwick on the fact, that SCP-3382 is more than we can see now. However, I've developed my own theory as to the nature of the aforementioned object. Anyone interested can contact me via an e-mail for my essay when it's done.
- Dr. E. Hase