SCP-XXXX: The Infinite Sink
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Image of SCP-XXXX as of 4/15/1999 with both handles in “on” position.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Item XXXX is to be kept in the site where it was first discovered. Bathroom 19, where the sink is located, is to be locked at all times using Class 4-VB electrical lock, with two (2) security officers to be stationed at the door at all times, another stationed inside the bathroom. Said security officers must ensure the handles of SCP-XXXX stay in either the “on” or “off” position at all times.

Description: SCP-XXXX resembles a consumer sink with no branding on faucet or knobs. SCP-XXXX does not resemble any model of sink in any SCP facilities. It was discovered on site ███ on 4/13/1999 when a site employee reported a sink with extreme water temperatures that would not shut off. The employee had reportedly turned the left handle to wash his hands. When said employee put their hands under the faucet, the water was an abnormally high temperature, causing 3rd degree burns on both hands. (See Site Repair Request Email S4-51). Upon inspection, site janitors recorded that the sink had no plumbing connected to the faucet, that the faucet was “producing water out of thin air.” Once the report was given to the site overseer, a team of SCP agents were dispatched to assess and contain the sink. As of currently, there is no known way of stopping the water flow from SCP-XXXX, despite multiple tests (see Addendum XXXX-01 through 04).

When handles are turned into the “off” position or both are in the “on position, water temperatures will remain at ~ 21°C. When the left handle, labeled “hot”, is turned, water temperatures will begin to increase at a fluctuating rate. Highest temperatures recorded by the foundation are currently 6013℃ (6286.15K). Despite these temperatures, no steam will emanate from the water stream, and will have no effect on the temperature of any other part of SCP-XXXX. Collected water can be cooled and frozen similar to other water, and appears to have no anomalous properties. When the left knob, labeled “cold”, is turned, water temperatures will decrease at a fluctuating rate, similar to the “hot” knob. Upon testing, foundation found the water will reach temperatures around -189°C (84.15K). Similarly to the properties of the “hot” knob, water will not freeze despite these impossible liquid temperatures. Said cold water will not have any effects on the surface temperature of any other part of SCP-XXXX. Despite removal of faucet, handles still affect the temperature of the water appearing. Regardless of handle position, water will appear at a constant 1.6 8 gallon/second rate (See Addendum XXXX-6). Upon testing water samples, it did not match water taken from sinks in facility ███, nor the surrounding area of [CLASSIFIED], indicating the water is from an unknown region.

It is worth mentioning that before the discovery of SCP-XXXX, there were no reported anomalous properties with SCP-XXXX. When these properties arose, as well as where the water originates from, is unknown. Because of the sudden appearance of water, SCP-XXXX may prove the law of conservation of mass incorrect. Upon examining the source of the water, foundation agents confirmed that there was no plumbing connected to the faucet, and that the water source was a mystery. Further investigation was requested and granted. Foundation agents used a circular saw to cut the faucet from the rest of the sink, and found that water was still appearing. Water appears to be appearing in a point in space, with no apparent source (Designated as SCP-XXXX-1). Upon this discovery, SCP-XXXX’s classification was upgraded to Keter. SCP-XXXX is classified as a spatial anomaly, with no recorded way of displacing or moving it.

Upon Keter classification, Bathroom 19 was converted into a containment cell to further test SCP-XXXX. Other sinks and toilets were removed. Any attempts to contain water were futile, as water did not stop appearing when said containers filled (See Addendum XXXX-4, 5, & 6). Attempts to put a solid object in SCP-XXXX-1 were deemed impossible, as water appearing was not able to be displaced (See Addendum XXXX-3)

Water from SCP-XXXX is to be drained to a 10cm wide copper pipe, set to drain into the ██████ ocean near the coast of ██████ █████████. It is disguised as a normal runoff drainage pipe. Three (3) identical backup pipes have been erected in case of a burst or clog in primary pipe to flooding of containment chamber

Site Repair Request Email S4-40: Email sent to site director about SCP-XXXX

Addendum XXXX-01: First Test on SCP-XXXX

Addendum XXXX-02: Second Test on SCP-XXXX

Addendum XXXX-03: Third Test on SCP-XXXX

Addendum XXXX-04: Fourth Test on SCP-XXXX

Addendum XXXX-05: Closing Experimentation

Addendum XXXX-06: Emergency Change in SCP-3658 - Reopen Experimentation


1: Site Director