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Item# SCP-(Killer Chlorine)DPC2.jpg1

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures

Site 95 has been established to contain SCP- and SCP- like entities. SCP- is to be locked in a steel case with a double padlock and stored in a depressurised vacuum seal chamber. Ater Incident -1 the airlock doors are to be replaced with airtight steel blast doors reinforced with titanium rods to prevent containment breach of SCP- , the airlock is to be guarded with two guards equipped with M45 gasmasks and airtight under armor, they are to be equipped with a type 74 flamethrower and standard firearms to dispatch SCP- -2. If SCP- or any instances of SCP- -2 breach containment, site 95 is to go under lockdown and MTF-Delta-1 "Hell Jumpers" are to be dispatched to site 95. If SCP- escapes from site 95 MTF-Delta-1 is to track down SCP- . MTF-Delta-1 is to be armed with the same equipment as the guards guarding SCP- containment chamber. If SCP- is spotted by any civilians MTF-Delta-1 is to administer Class-A amnestics via aerosol grenades dropped by UAV drones.


SCP- is an anomalous mass of chlorine and carbon dioxide. This mass can create anomalous bipedal solid masses of chlorine that can manipulate their bodies to create objects and weapons, these entities have been deemed SCP- -2. SCP- 's gas can only go about 10 cm thick and can has to be touching any surface . SCP- creates SCP- -2 for defence as these entities are only made when SCP- is attacked. SCP- kills victims by tracking their target and suffocating them by covering the body and sheathing there until they suffocate. SCP- seems to react to fire in a way that make the chorine atoms explode, most likely causing severe 'pain' to the entity. because of this SCP- retreats from fire at a fast pace. SCP- -2 are unaffected by fire but are easily dispatched by gunfire.

ADDENDUM- -01 Containment

On August 14, 2002 faulty maintenance caused the release of 21700 kilograms of chlorine gas from a DPC Enterprises facility, this was presumed as just an accident. Reports say that six of the hazmat cleanup crew saw bipedal entities that spawned from a cloud of gas and then got attacked by them, these entities were confirmed to be instances of SCP- -2, MTF-Delta-1 was dispatched on site to contain the anomoulus chlorine and filter out the non-anomalous chlorine for containment.



on [DATA EXPUNGED] 2017 SCP- was able to create an explosion about the size of about a stick of dynamite, blasting through the airlock doors and escaping containment. MTF-Delta-1 was dispatched and SCP- was 'led' into a holding cell while SCP- s containment cell was repaired and refitted.

ADDENDUM- -03 Testing Log

12/21/05: D-42131 was led into the containment chamber and was instructed to lay on the ground. after about 15-30 SCP- attacked and suffocated D-42131. Autopsy of D-42131 showed severe chemical burns to D-42131's body and lungs.
5/15/06: SCP- is accidentally exposed to fire, SCP- shrieks and then retreats away from the fire.
7/25/06: [REDACTED]
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