Jlenny- Present Traumatic Stress Disorder
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SCP-3556 on deployment

Item #: SCP-3556

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3556 is to be kept in a 12 x 12 x 4 m cell. SCP-3556 is to be sedated if personnel want to enter. D-Class personnel can enter SCP-3556’s cell when SCP-3556 is not sedated for the purpose for testing Further testing is prohibited. Researchers must observe SCP-3556 via cameras placed in its cell and must get approval for testing by Dr. Ramirez. SCP-3556 must be evaluated by Dr. Ramirez on a weekly basis via video call to prevent an increase of more events. SCP-3556 must be on 24-hour surveillance. SCP-3556’s cell must be checked bi-weekly for maintenance and attempts at escape.
SCP-3556 is currently at Site-17.

Description: SCP-3556 is a human male of Caucasian descent who was in the Iraq war from ████to ████ who served with the US army on the ██th Infantry Regiment. SCP-3556 achieved the rank of Private First Class, but was discharged due to insubordination. SCP-3556’s height is approximately 1.8 meters and weighs 110 kg. SCP-3556’s real name is Michael ████████. SCP-3556 was brought to the Foundation’s attention when police responded to a call in ██████, Louisiana of a war vet who killed 3 people. All victims died of gunshot wounds to the torso, but witnesses saw no firearm in SCP-3556’s possession. No firearm was found around the scene of the crime as well. MTF-██ then located SCP-3556 and administered Class-A amnesiacs to ██████ police, witnesses, and anyone near the scene of the crime.

When SCP-3556 experiences an event due to PTSD, SCP-3556 will start reenacting the event, as if SCP-3556 were there. The anomalous properties that SCP-3556 will produce will cause anyone with direct line of sight to participate in the event. The range of effect seems to reach approximately 10 m, but it is theorized to be ███ m. SCP-3556’s effects also only effect a maximum amount of people, depending on the event he is currently experiencing. Roles that have been recorded during these events are terrorists from the groups Al-Qaeda, Islamic State of Iraq (shown by shooting form, lack of training and Arabic being spoken), US infantry, and his Mother and Father. SCP-3556 will repeat the same events and currently will go through 4 different events. Any new events are to be reported to Dr. Ramirez immediately. See Event Log SCP-3556 to see description of events.

The anomalous effects of SCP-3556 only seem to effect humans. If affected by SCP-3556’s, it is possible to be killed if someone dies within SCP-3556's event. Causes of Death of the personnel who have been tested on are as followed:

  • Gunshot Wounds
  • Chemical weapons
  • Dismemberment due to explosive blast.
  • Blood loss due to gunshot wounds.

Personnel who survive SCP-3556’s events do not remember being a part of, even when shown footage of the event. When SCP-3556 was brought to Site 17 on 10/██/2008, events would occur at least twice a day. Events have now decreased to once a week, due to the work of Dr. Ramirez ( See Transmission Log SCP-3556).

The Foundation is now currently investigating the building that SCP-3556 described in SCP-3556-J for the possible origin of the anomalous effects.