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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Item Class: Difficult to contain.

Contain Method: SCP-XXXX is to be stored in a box made of tree material. This is to be of size 0.5 main-units by 0.5 main-units by 0.5 main-units and is to be put into a room of 10m. Rooms near SCP-XXXX's are to have pain-signs shown reading "SCP-XXXX 1000 Basic Words Only".

Effects: SCP-XXXX is a rock that appears to be a quite simple shape. The shape contains lots of edges, despite the fact that water and time should have removed these. When holding SCP-XXXX the main effect applies and when 3 main-units near, you must follow the rules. When writing about SCP-XXXX in any place, the writer must follow the rules.

The rules for SCP-XXXX are that you must restrict your self to the 1000 most common words in the speak method of the person. Changes to a word are allowed, example 'unthinkable' is built from 'un', 'think' and 'able'. Place names and people names are okay. Should the writer/speaker use a word that doesn't follow these rules, SCP-XXXX's main effect applies. It is worth noting that as the speak method changes over time, the rules' words change as well.

The main effect of SCP-XXXX affects processing center of a human. About every 10 seconds, a word from that person's word list is removed. It starts from the 1st most used word and removes them in order of use count. As of 2013 the words that are removed in order are "the", "be", "and", "of", "a", "in", and so on. Action words that change will be removed together, example "to be" removes "is", "are", "was", "been", "being", and so on. Word removal has been described as "really painful" in the head. This effect only affects the main speak method of the person; if they have learnt French for example, they will still be able to speak it. The subject will find it impossible to relearn their native speak method after.

After research, it has been found that SCP-XXXX creates a disease of the same type as Mad Cow Disease in the subject's processing center. This disease can find specific words quickly, taking time from 1 second to 30 seconds. If you know 3,500 words, it can take time from 58 mins to 29 hours 10 mins. Usually it takes 9 hours 43 mins. Forget-products are useless against SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX was discovered at [REDACTED] Beach, Germany. The rocks around it were normal. █████ Krus was found missing basic German words (such as "der", "und", "die", "sein", and so on). He was speaking in English as he had learned it to "sehr gut", getting a score of 1,2. The Foundation noticed when he called the police.

Test XXXX-1
Subject: D-5383 speaks English and Swedish.
Method: Try to use write 'SCP-XXXY' instead of 'SCP-XXXX' and use more detail.
Result: 106 diseases were created in D-5383's mind, speeding the removal of words to 9 minutes. His Swedish was not affected. D-5383 could not speak and was killed because of uselessness.

Test XXXX-2
Subject: D-7424 speaks English and French.
Method: Write with the first letter of words, e.g. His I Dead Edge -> HIDE (but with more used words).
Result: Disease made D-7424 change letters with words. He was reported saying: I Nice Education Edge Death Herself Effect Light Pressure. He couldn't understand staff if they didn't speak like that. His french was good, saying things such as "M'aide, s'il vous plait! M'AIDE! MAINTENANT!". D-7424 was killed because he was angry.

Subject: D-5273 only speaks English.
Dr: Please say "To be in that of the dancer"
D-5273: To be in that of the dancer
Dr: Please touch SCP-XXXX
D-5273: Okay.
Dr: Please repeat the phrase indefinitely.
D-5273: To be in that of the dancer.
D-5273: To be in that of…what was it?
Dr: "in that of the dancer"
D-5273: I can't understand what you said before 'dancer'.
D-5273: To…I can't understand. What?
Dr: Please try and repeat.
D-5273: What? Okay. To falep in that
D-5273: glaf a dancer.
Dr: 'glaf'?
D-5273: I don't understand it!

New info: A person was seen and identified to be placed by a 13 year old who left education center. He was found to be ████████ Scheinberg. His place now is unknown.

The area of effect is growing and has grown from 3m to 4m. SCP-XXXX's area will grow past to 10m by 12/4/20██. The O5 group must decide what to do 2 months before this date.