Item #: SCP-

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: In the event of an encounter with SCP-XXXX, immediate containment of tainted individual must be kept secret, and individual must be sent to off-site facility in ---, where the current collection of individual specimens are kept for study.
Individuals with possible symptoms of SCP-XXXX must be properly checked to see if SCP-XXXX is the source of symptoms, which include, but are not limited to: testicular hypersensivity, abnormal growth and/or inflammation of the scrotum, redness and dull aching of the groinal area, and bleeding of the urethra. Female specimens have no outward showing symptoms, so when an encounter with SCP-XXXX has been confirmed, Foundation doctors must follow up with a full list of known sexual encounters. If male specimens are not compliant with a full listing of all sexual encounters, typically in the case of suspected sex offenders, torture is allowed, provided castration of the individual has already been performed. Pending foundation approval to send these particular specimens for D-class orientation.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a species of spider similar to Theridiidae Latrodectus, otherwise known as the Black Widow spider, apart from the red hourglass markings on the abdomen. Instead of the hourglass shape, it has a shape not dissimilar to a lemniscate. Upon maturation, the species is known to be upwards of 31 millimeters in body length.

Highest known concentrations of SCP-XXXX seem to coincide with major cities of ill repute, with Bangkok, Las Vegas, and, surprisingly, Vatican City seeming to be the highest in regards to infection rate.

SCP-XXXX came into the attention of the Foundation by way of Dr. M███████ B███████ in 20██, who is currently employed by the foundation, for the purpose of monitoring of possible anomalous pathogens. Victim by the name of James D███████ came in by way of the ER, complaining of groin pain and inflammation after an encounter with his girlfriend (later verified as prostitute). After 72 hours of observation and sedation, patient expired by way of exsanguination via explosive testicular rupture. Dr. M███████ B███████ witnessed the events first hand, as he was the doctor on duty at the time of death, and noticed two spiders crawling out of the viscera. He managed to capture the specimens in a container of cotton balls, and contacted the foundation. Class A amnestics administered.

Extensive research on the subject has given us insight into the life cycle of SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX has 3 stages in its life cycle.

Stage 1 begins with the introduction of eggs into the vagina of a female human. The bite of the female SCP-XXXX is laden with latrotoxin, similar to its cousin, the Black Widow. The anomolous nature of the bite, however, will only paralyze its victim from the waist down, as its intent is to find a suitable host for its nest. SCP-XXXX has a tendency of targeting younger females, when given the option, as the spiderlings maintain dietary needs by feeding on menstrual blood.

Stage 2 begins when their nest is attacked. Typically, the spiderlings will shy away from intrusions, but the introduction of seminal fluid sends the spiders into a feeding frenzy, as they rush to find the source. Once the spiderlings are introduced to a male of the human species by way of intercourse, the spiderlings undergo a growth spurt, through new sustainance via the male reproductive organs. As they fill in the space required for their rapid growth cycle, the spiders then begin to fight until only two survive. Then, the spiders begin to burrow into the testicles to prepare for stage 3 to begin.

Stage 3 begins when the spider gathers enough strength to forcefully burst from the testicles of the human male. It should be noted that not all males suffer death via explosive testicular rupture. With proper medical care, it is possible for the male to continue to have an active, healthy life.

Addendum -1 : Seriously? A life without balls? What kind of life is that?

Addendum -37: It is of note, that stage 3 can be avoided, provided proper surgical removal can be performed promptly, and freezing of the spider's "egg". We need to study these things more. Where did they come from. Are they a mutation of typical Theridiidae Latrodectus, or were they bred specifically for this? Considering what they can do, and how many instances are not in containment, and the fact that unprotected sex runs rampant throughout the world, will we ever contain them?


Given the high probability of [EXPUNGED], I recommend that SCP-XXXX be upgraded to Keter-class. The possibility of continuous infections is far too great. Dr. M███████ B███████
Denied. None of the current information we have on SCP-XXXX indicates a XK-class scenario. Until we have additional data, classification will remain at Euclid. - O5-█