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Item #: SCP-4XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4XXX-1 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment unit with the following considerations made:

Under no circumstances are mirrors or other highly reflective surfaces to be placed or brought within proximity of SCP-4XXX-1, or its containment cell without strict authorisation. When authorised, such surfaces should only be transported by use of non-reflective coated robotic units, or designated Class D personnel that have been sufficiently neutralised as a direct physical threat to the subject.

Under no circumstances are any sharp knives composed of bronze alloys, especially those of 85% copper content and 15% tin content, to be brought into subject's cell. Deliberate violation of containment protocol will result in severe reprimand and immediate reassignment to a new facility.

Under no circumstances should an attempt be made to observe SCP-4XXX-1's face through the visual medium. Further risk of casualties through digital feed, photographic observation or other means of real-world image capture prohibits all forms of facial documentation in these forms. (See Addendum 4XXXA)

SCP-4XXX-1 is to remain blindfolded at all times where applicable. SCP-4XXX-1 has displayed no particular affinity for particular size, weight, material, shape or design of said blindfold. SCP-4XXX-1 has repeatedly become distressed when unable to conceal its eyes sufficiently.

In case of containment breach of facility, in which SCP-4XXX-1 is deprived of its blindfold by whatever means, a uniform tie will suffice. Priority should be given to ensuring SCP-4XXX-1 is safely returned to its cell, provided symptoms of SCP-4XXX-4 are not present. Co-operation of subject has been consistently given in such circumstances.

SCP-4XXX-4 is to remain contained within containment unit "Kara" for as long as it exists. Symptoms of SCP-4XXX-4 observed by staff, or reported by SCP-4XXX-1 itself are to be treated as imminent manifestation of 4XXX-4.

Symptoms include; increased anxiety, repeated hissing or wailing from 4XXX-1 or -2, involuntary muscle spasms, attempts by 4XXX-1 to remove the blindfold despite 4XXX-1's verbal insistence against such behaviour, notably in Greek, or sudden amalgamation of lower limbs. SCP-4XXX-1 must be transported to containment unit "Kara" immediately.

All site personnel including security not immediately assigned to escort of SCP-4XXX-1 are to move to secure locations unless explicitly authorised to remain at posts by Level 4 clearance, or in the absolute necessity of containing other SCP subjects on site.

Instances of SCP-4XXX-4 outside of containment unit "Kara" are to be met with extreme caution. Firearms and other means of assault are not to be used except under dire circumstances, not including threat to life of self. When possible, SCP-4XXX-4 should be lured to containment unit "Kara" until such time that it reverts to SCP-4XXX-1.

Description: SCP-4XXX is an entity composed of a passive sapient individual, a hostile form of said individual, as well as a varying number of symbiotic entities and ten inanimate objects.

SCP-4XXX-1 is a humanoid entity of approximately 176 centimetres height, bearing the physical appearance of a human female. Approximately thirty eight lesions of ten centimetres length and estimated two centimetres depth have been examined on the skull of SCP-4XXX-1. Thirty six are currently occupied by instances of SCP-4XXX-2.

SCP-4XXX-1 has demonstrated a preference to conversing with Site personnel in American English, determined through written medium and pronunciation, though has been observed to revert to its 'native', and notably archaic, form of Greek when agitated, upset, or otherwise inhibited. SCP-4XXX-1 has expressed a preference for Mediterranean food, though has yet to protest consumption of standard humanoid SCP nutrition.

SCP-4XXX-1 has the capability to transform any humanoid entity that observes either or both its cornea into metamorphic rock. This effect extends to all organic matter originating from the affected subject, and in direct contact with said subject at time of transformation. (These are subsequently identified as SCP-4XXX-3.1, 3.2 etc.) Inorganic matter resting on, attached to or implanted within affected subject remains unaffected. This effect extends to viewing the cornea through all forms of direct visual capture, motion or still.1

SCP-4XXX-1 has demonstrated typical signs of regret, guilt, anxiety and sadness upon the manifestation of SCP-4XXX-3 through unintentional circumstances. In cases where SCP-4XXX-1 has been informed of past crimes, behaviour, or other such condemning evidence against a given subject, no negative emotions or positive behaviour is noted from SCP-4XXX-1 during or after the process.

SCP-4XXX-2 is a serpentine entity varying from 21 to 47 centimetres in length, measured from tip of entity head to estimated depth within skull of SCP-4XXX-1. Colouration is of a consistent dark green, with no discernible patterning or differentiation between all documented instances.

SCP-4XXX-2 instances appear to draw sustenance, as well as intelligence from their host. Instances have been reported to observe in place of SCP-4XXX-1's inability to do so due to its blindfold, or other means of concealing cornea from observation. This appears to be a purely visual function on their part.

Suggestion of removal of any instance of SCP-4XXX-2 from SCP-4XXX-1 elicits an immediate negative reaction from both, not limited to violent hissing, lunging at perpetrator's direction, repeated biting and other typical violent behaviour from natural serpentine creatures. This behaviour subsides upon genuine apology from perpetrator, but demonstrably not upon empty, backhanded or otherwise dishonest apologies.

SCP-4XXX-4 is a humanoid-serpentine entity of indeterminate height, approximated to be 891 centimetres from top of skull to terminus of serpentine form. Instances of SCP-4XXX-2 are approximately fifty percent larger than those found on SCP-4XXX-1. Instances of SCP-4XXX-5 are located in place of fingers on SCP-4XXX-3's hands.

At seemingly random intervals, SCP-4XXX-1 will begin to undergo a transformation process into SCP-4XXX-4. High levels of anxiety are common at this time, as it insists on being restrained for the protection of others. Transformation process results in rapid melding of legs, manifestation of serpentine scales from skin, an exponential increase in mass below the waist, appearance of ████████████████████, and finally the growth of SCP-4XXX-5 instances from hands.

This process has shown to consistently take three minutes, leaving no more than one minute and thirty one seconds spare to transfer SCP-4XXX-1 from standard housing cell to Containment Unit "Kara" before transformation is complete.

SCP-4XXX-4 is extremely hostile, utilizing instances of SCP-4XXX-5 to inflict grievous bodily wounds on any organic being it comes into contact with, as well as visual exposure to cornea at will. SCP-4XXX-4's low light sight is proven to be limited, thereby pertaining to the use of shadows and other forms of darkness to evade discovery, and subsequent evisceration by it.

SCP-4XXX-5 is a bronze alloy composed blade, originally estimated at no more than 20 centimetres in length, five millimetres width at visible base. As of Incident 4XXX-2, all instances of SCP-4XXX-5 are now estimated to measure at 25 centimetres, no change in width.

Any bronze blade of noted composition that comes within ten metres of SCP-4XXX will immediately vaporize, triggering an abrupt onset of SCP-4XXX-4 manifestation. SCP-4XXX-5 instances will increase in length based on the mass of vaporized blade in equal distribution across all ten instances. Other bronze objects that do not contain a sharpened edge are unaffected, regardless of proximity.

Addendum 4XXXA: Photographic and video documentation of SCP-4XXX-1's face while blindfolded has been achieved in the past, but as of Incident 4XXX-7 this practise has been suspended indefinitely, citing 4XXX Protocol 3. Sketches are to be analysed before being deemed suitable for placement in respective documentation.

All existing documentation of SCP-4XXX-1's face through photo or video captured is hereby designated 4XXX-6, and placed under 4XXX Protocol 3 secure archiving methods.