Jon_Flay - Author

The Author

Class: Keter, Thaumiel

Containment Procedures: SCP-_-2 is currently uncontained and is considered Class "Keter" due to full conscious realization of his powers and reality-bending abilities thanks to the possession of SCP-_-1. SCP-___-2 (Later "Author" for his request) is a highly dangerous individual aww and is not to be angered, tempered, or bargained with. Author has engaged in a mutual agreement with O5 not to materialize in any site except for sites ██, ██, ██ and ██ but has been reported to break this agreement several times. Due to the powers granted to him by SCP-_-1, Author is not to be terminated under ANY CONDITIONS.

SCP-_-3 is considered a full working copy of SCP-_-1 and both of them are to be classified as "Thaumiel". SCP-_-3 is to be kept under all-time surveillance in a remote location approximately 30 km from site [REDACTED]. No personnel under clearance level 5 including members of unclassified MTFs are to be allowed closer than 2 km to the containment site and the site itself is to be considered for the other members of The Foundation as "TesO5 Private picnic reserve"e". SCP-_-3 is to be daily tested to find the ways of overcoming it's "using restrictions". All camera feed except for thermo-vision and sound recording are to be paused while concluding experiments on SCP-_-3. In the event of "Keter" scenario Author is to be called to retrieve SCP-_-3 by any means possible. ;x x

Description: SCP-_-1 and presumably SCP-_-3 are two identical books. The cover on each is made of crude dark-brown leather sown by gilded thread with metal edges, made of aluminum-titanium alloy, front-up edge resembling a flower. Paper of SCP-_-1/3 is made of a combination of unknown species of wood, having similarities to Canadian Spruce, Gum tree and a Panamanian golden frog. Any attempts to damage any components of SCP-_-3 have been seen to be neglected on a sub-atomic level without activation of "using restrictions", no such attempts are to be made in further testing due to fruitlessness. SCP-_-1 currently belongs to the Author and is not to be asked access to unless disproven it's complete identicality to SCP-_-3. SCP-_-1/3 are the source of power of the Author as it has been confirmed that he has achieved his powers thanks to the properties of SCP-_-1. sounds a bit rude

SCP-_-1/3 are a reality-bending objects of hULTIMATE power, being seen to top the powers of a few other reality-bending SCPs. SCP-_-1/3 have the ability to interfere with space-time by making anything that is redacted in it's text also happen or be changed in reality real-time, while not redacting the memories or awareness of changes if not specifically having written to. Upon examining any page it's contents appear to be a "script" of a specific scenario the viewer is experiencing, thinking of or subconsciously expecting to see. However SCP-_-1/3's "using restrictions", believed to be set by Author using SCP-_-1 itself, prevent anybody apart from Author It's a pain to read, really, I know I said "Author", but it's not that hard to add "the" before it from seeing any contents of the pages or trying to redact them without looking. User will be struck by an anomalous phenomenon of sudden fear, being described as a mix of existential horror and a fear of death (even if previously having conquered either or full previous lack of both), this fear strike is proven to work on any living creature or substance trying to read or redact contents of SCP-_-1/3. However it's not affecting a user if it's incapable of reading, writing, or does not know of usual properties of any books (presence of words or pictures). In any of the above the contents of SCP-_-1/3 will appear to be empty, but the fear of Cthulhu will occur in a miniature form if the user is trying to write or draw anything on the pages, subconsciously preventing that action. If believed to find a way to examine or redact it's contents without any physical contact, via lack of vision, a remote tool or any other method of real-time interaction user will be struck by a horror blow aswell in the moment right before starting the action. Trying to record any contents of the SCP-_-3 via any automatic or electronic tools that do not need a real-time interaction will cause them to break in a random possible way, and in one instance for the words "Nice try" to appear of all of the camera feeds in the Foundation in a radius of 500,000 km2. All of the attempts to automatically redact the contents of SCP-_-3 have met the same fate.

Apart from the sudden fear phenomenon, "using restrictions" also take in account some restrictions to redactions in the "script" of SCP-_-1/3. They are also likely to be set by The Author, considering the information from interviews with him. Due to current inability to test these additional restrictions, we have to trust ThE Author on their information. Apparently SCP-_-1/3 follows by the "Jinn" rules, thus, it can't kill anybody I usually can do it myself, ressurect a living person or make anyone fall in love. It also can't make another instance of The oh, didn't even have to do it myself Author, having that said, there seems to be only one instance of Author damnit in the multiverse under any known circumstances.

SCP-_-3 has been handed to The Foundation by THE Author, having said to be a complete copy of SCP-1, for our further testing. When asked about the reason for such charity, the
Author replied "Count that as a race. I've done it to .. about .. 6 Foundations in other universes. Due to your HIGHLY unpredictable and random activity, not even mentioning the work of reality-benders .. and absence of Clef for that measure, you're all different. And so I was wondering which one of you will get to realize how to use the book. Aa-and if you do - write one phrase: 'And thna-ah that's restricted information, only for our Dr.Bright. Come on, play niced'. And to encourage you to play - the Foundation that wins - survives. As for the others mmm .. haven't came up with it now. But I will." Due to theA FUCK YOUR REDACTORS! Author's usual lying habits it's not confirmed that the "loser" Foundation is going to get destroyed or if the "race" itself even exists, but for everyone's sake finding the ways to control SCP-_-3 are set to highest priority.

Author is an European human individual 178 cm in height with a set of supernatural powers. Brown uncalmed hair, brown eyes and a messy stubble beard. His usual wear includes a crude brown duster, khaki legwear of various sorts and a either of unbranded T-shirt/red turtleneck sweater or a Hawaii shirt Aww, you remembered Author has shown ability to change some of those features for disguise purposes. The only feature he has not been able to redact in his appearance or in mentions hey in that's any document NOT is that HE HAS A BLUE SCAR UNDER HIS LEFT EYE FAIR! This phenomenon is still unknown and the Author is not willing to answer any questions regarding its nature. This could still be used in our advantage. Any personnel seeing and individual with a blue scar on camera feeds or in public is NOT to approach him but to immediately cainform Dr. Bright.

Ok, folks, listen up. I'm really flattered about you taking such dedication in mentioning almost everything possible, but for those, who is reading, know - it's bullshit. THEY know the things I've done, they know all I'm capable of, and they're still trying to hide it. Who the fuck wants to know I have a flower engraved in a corner of my book? The reason I can't be killed is that I'm jumping back in time and IRADICATING the previous universe where I'm dead. A bit existential ain'it? They decided to mention my looks, but didn't have the courage to mention that I can practically summon AN INSTANCE OF ANYTHING IN EXISTANCE and out of it out of plane nothing. They filled this paper up with such nonsense, and hope I will be ok with that. I may have been messing around for a while, but that's not why I'm here.
I'm not a holy warrior or a bringer of death or some other bullshit, but believe me, I'm here to change things. All of the documents, this or previous and ALL the copies of them, including me as an SCP have been redacted. For a top-tier secret organization, job of which is to KNOW and STUDY, they keep all of you preeeety blind-eyed. Want to call my bluff? Go ahead. THE O5 master-password is __. Have fun.