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Item #: SCP-4092

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4092 is to be held in a standard humanoid enclosure which is to be illuminated from 7 AM to 7 PM by LED growing lights. The cell must also have sprinklers installed to supply SCP-4092 with water periodically.

Personnel with Security Clearance 2 or higher are permitted to enter the subject's enclosure, but must not bring anything that appears wooden or can produce a flame.

Only 2 instances of SCP-4092-A are allowed to exist at any given time. These instances are to be handled with the same containment procedures as 4092 proper.

If ever SCP-4092 expresses a desire to return "home", personnel are advised to avoid answering its request as not to agitate it or give it false hopes.

Description: SCP-4092 is a humanoid figure made entirely out of gnarled maple wood standing at roughly 2.4 meters tall. Despite its shape, the subject displays no facial features, but acts as though it does, turning its head towards those speaking to it. Its body is noted as being extremely thin for its height. SCP-4092 is sentient and is capable of telepathically communicating to those within its line of sight. It is capable of communicating in both French and English, but seems to prefer speaking in French. Its manner of speech is usually gentle and calm, but it is known to be somewhat irritable and may lash out verbally, especially if there are no instances of SCP-4092-A currently existing.

Despite its disproportionate body, SCP-4092 is capable of great feats of strength and speed, but will only display such talents to protect itself or instances of SCP-4092-A. The subject is also known to have the ability to regrow missing portions of its body. The length of regeneration is corresponds to the size of the missing part. A finger may regrow fully within 1-2 days while a hand may take a week.

4062 is also known to react emotionally to certain stimuli. It is known to react with disgust when it sees objects made out of wood and is frightened by fire. The larger the fire, the more extreme the reaction. The subject is also known to protect instances of SCP-4092-A at all costs.

SCP-4092 is known to be able to create entities similar to it from other organisms, more specifically fauna. It has only been observed using dead organisms for this purpose, though it claims it can transform living ones as well. When it encounters a specimen it wishes to convert, SCP-4092 will seek out a patch of earth large enough to submerge the creature, and will bury it with a piece of its own body, the size of which is dependent on how large the specimen is. SCP-4092 will then sit by the burial site, waiting patiently for a period of 1-3 days. After which, an entity made out of the same wood that 4092 is made out of will emerge from the ground. This being, henceforth referred to as SCP-4092-A, superficially resembles its previous state. An instance of SCP-4092-A created from a deer will be quadrupedal and have branch-like protrusions where its antlers once were while one created from a human will be bipedal and have hands with opposable thumbs, much like 4092 itself.

Instances of 4092-A seem to be capable of communicating with 4092 and each other through telepathy and humanoid instances display the ability to communicate with living humans, but do not retain the memories of their past lives except for the knowledge of their first language.

Instances also display a weakened form of the anomalous abilities similar to SCP-4092, including enhanced strength, speed, and regeneration.

SCP-4092 was recovered from a forest near ██████, Quebec where there were reports of several campers and lumberjacks going missing. Foundation Agent ████, who had been planted in the police force investigated their disappearances and traced them to the forest, where he discovered SCP-4092 and five (5) instances of SCP-4092-A. Of those five, 3 were derived from deer and two were derived from humans.