SCP-4104. The English Gentleman.

9SCP-4104 - The English Gentleman


Item#: SCP-4104

Item Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4104 is to be kept in a 10m by 10m humanoid containment cell, lined with glass to prevent corrosion of the outer cell, with 1 (one) guard armed with a tazer outside at all times, and 2 (two) D-class outside with stun batons. The cell is to be furnished with furniture similar to 1850's style gentleman's living room. SCP-4104 is to be supplied with three meals a day, with four on Sunday. The meals are to consist of:

  • 5 commercially available crumpets, lightly toasted.
  • 300ml of black tea, at 75 degrees Celsius.
  • Two napkins, folded in a triangle.

Under no circumstances is SCP-4104 to be given coffee.
Any instance of SCP-4104-2 is to be terminated and the body's incinerated.

The dietary requirements of SCP-4104, although not needed for survival, must be maintained, or else the subject will gradually get more irritable, uncooperative and eventually attempt to breach containment. If the room's furnishings are not an acceptable approximation of 1850's furniture, the subject will have a similar reaction.

If SCP-4104 is to attempt to breach containment, subject should be tazed and stunned, and heavily sedated. No lethal force is authorized unless subject causes significant fatalities.

Description: SCP-4104 is a 1.97m tall humanoid male. The subject is dressed in a smart, black suit and a white button shirt. The subject wears a pair of black, flanneled trousers and a top hat.
The Subject speaks with a pronounced English accent, and can speak English, Latin and French, and can read and write the aforementioned languages.He claims his name is James Choreson, of the Village Green conservation society. No such society has existed, apart from the song written by the Bonzo Dog band. The subject is generally amiable and pleasant, unless provoked. The subject also has a walking cane, typically hanging from his right arm. This cane is approximately 1m long, and is SCP-4104's primary means of attack.

SCP-4104, when antagonised, will hold the cane by it handle and shake it at the target, now designated SCP-4104-1. A jet of brown/black liquid will shoot from the tip of the cane, at speeds ranging from 10km/h to 50km/h. When the liquid contacts SCP-4104-1, one of two things will happen.

  1. SCP-4104-1 will be covered in the liquid, and it will rapidly start to corrode SCP-4104-2's flesh, leaving only the skeletal structure. In 100% of cases this is lethal. The is a 75% chance of this occurring
  2. SCP-4104-1, now to be referred to as SCP-4104-2, will be covered in the liquid, and start to say a variety of phrases, including: "Yes sir", "Right away sir" and "Indubitably sir". After approximately 5 minutes of these phrases being repeated, the liquid will slip off, causing caustic damage to the surface it lands on, and SCP-4104-2 will emerge.

SCP-4104-2 will be dressed in a butlers uniform, common in 1850. They will now be under full control of SCP-4104, who will direct them to clean the room and, in a combat situation, attack hostile combatants.
Note: These reactions are not consistent with when the subject is offered coffee. Dr. Ignotus

Coloured photos of SCP-4104 are impossible to take, as photos taken will invariably become black and white. This also happens with visual recording equipment

If coffee is presented to the subject, they will enter a "rage mode" and will attack the giver of the coffee. The attack will consist of the subject yelling "I ORDERED TEA, NOT COFFEE" then proceeding to eject the black liquid at the giver, with the effect of launching the target at a speed of [Redacted] through the air. Upon meeting a surface, the subject will explode with the force of [Redacted] sticks of dynamite. This has caused a containment breach, and loss of [Redacted] Personnel.

Addendum 4104.1: Discovery.

SCP-4104 was discovered in a rural manor house by agents embedded in rural police constabularies, seeing unusual reports of strange shouting from a particular house, where people would rarely emerge, in the region of [Destination redacted]. MTF Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots") were sent to investigate, and upon discovery, found the house in internal disrepair, with signs of corrosion upon the walls and floors. They encountered numerous instances of SCP-4104-2, who they questioned in the guise of police officers. They were led to SCP-4104, and, upon discovering its anomalous properties, subdued the subject with relative ease, resulting in 2 (two) MTF casualties. The house was demolished, and local residents given Class-A amnestics.

Interview log: 4104.1
Interviewer: Dr. Ignotus
Interviewee: SCP-4104

[Begin Log]

Dr. Ignotus: Hello 4104. How are you feeling today?

SCP-4104: Ah, hello there. Excellent sir, excellent. May i have the honour of knowing your name?

Dr. Ignotus: My name is Dr. Ignotus, and I'm going to ask you some questions.

SCP-4104: Ah, a man of the sciences!. Right-ho then! And please, call me James.

Dr. Ignotus: Ok then, James, what is that cane you hang from your arm?

SCP-4104: It is my trusty walking cane sir. I take it you like it?

Dr. Ignotus: Yes, its very nice. Anyway, What is the substance that is fires?

SCP-4104: Ah, that, unfortunately, is my little secret. Sorry, me old chum.

Dr. Ignotus: Fine, we will ask that at a later day. About your chosen diet, you…

SCP-4104:(Subject seems to get indignant) Well then, whats wrong with my diet? (The subject narrows eyes)
Say, doctor, you don't drink….Coffee, do you?

Dr. Ignotus: What? No, I…

SCP-4104:(subject rises to feet) You drink it, I know you do!

Dr. Ignotus: This interview is terminated.

[End of log]

Note: No Foundation personnel who regularly drink coffee should interact with SCP-4104

Interview: 4104.2
Interviewer: Dr. Owens
Interviewee: SCP-4104

Begin log

Dr. Owens: Hello SCP-4104

SCP-4104: Ah, hello there. Another doctor, I >presume

Dr. Owens: Yes, my name is Dr. Owens and I need > > you to answer my questions fully and truthfuly.

SCP-4104: I might, if I feel so inclined.

Dr. Owens: Well then, what is the liquid that you fire > from your cane?

SCP-4104:(sighs) It is inevitable that I must tell you, it seems. It is a liquid that my ancestors created. It is the purest form of tea in existence. Too pure to drink, too pure to touch. But perfect for a damn good walking cane.

Dr. Owens: I see. Do you know how your ancestors
created this tea?

SCP-4104: No, it's an old family mystery. Many have
tried to recreate it, but none have succeeded.

Dr. Owens: But how does it fire out of the cane? Is it, mechanical? Electronic?

SCP-4104: I don't know. Its a mystery that was lost
with the tea recipe.

Dr. Owens: Okay, thank you 4104.

Experiment log: 4104-1

Details: Experiment consisted of 1 (one) D-Class personnel with a knife, instructed to hurt SCP-4104

Results: SCP-4104 turns towards the D-Class and cries, "Ah, an assailant, probably here to remove my valuables from by dead body. Well, not today knave!" then proceeded to beat the D-class with his cane, and break several bones of the D-Class. He wrested the knife from the D-Class and proceeded to turn the D-class into an instance of SCP-4104-2. Test was terminated and the -2 instance was incinerated.

Note: 4104 did not immediately resort to the anomalous properties of his cane, preferring to incapacitate the subject first. Further testing required.

Experiment log: 4104-2

Details: Experiment consisted of 5 (five) D-Class with military training, instructed to remove the subject's cane. They are told they can go about this with hostility or persuasion.

Results: The D-Class entered the chamber and rushed SCP-4104. SCP-4104 proceeded to fire a wide spray of the liquid, partially incapacitating all of the D-Class by eroding parts of their flesh. The subject then proceeded to fully erode the incapacitated D-class. Test terminated.

Note: Subject is able to attack multiple targets with cane's spray. It also used its anomalous abilities, unlike the previous test, probably because of multiple targets. Dr. Ignotus

Experiment log: 4104-3

Details: Experiment consisted of 1 (one) D-Class, who is instructed to take SCP-4104's cane by persuasion.

Results: Subject, when asked to hand over cane, answered "I am sorry sir, but only a true English gentleman may handle this cane." Test Terminated.

Experiment log: 4104-4

Details: Experiment consisted of 1 (one) D-Class with heritage of English gentry, dressed in a similar suit to SCP-4104, and instructed to speak in a similar manner. They are instructed to acquire SCP-4104's cane.

Results: SCP-4104 greeted the D-Class jovially and, upon request, handed over his cane, while saying "By the way, old boy, I'll have to have this back." D-Class left the chamber and the cane was examined. After 10 (ten) minuets of being away from SCP-4104, the cane disappeared and reappeared on SCP-4104's arm. During this examination it was discovered that the cane was only able to be cut with a diamond tipped scalpel, and upon examination, was discovered to be of rich oak wood. At the point where the liquid fired from the cane, there was no visible opening. The samples taken from the cane did not teleport with the cane and, on examination, the cane had regrown the damage done. Upon other removals of SCP-4104's cane, it was revealed that the liquid could not be fired by anyone else other than SCP-4104.

Notes: Either the cane or 4104 is capable of teleportation. This is probably only possible if the cane if removed from 4104, but further observation is requested. Dr. Ignotus.

Request approved by Site Director.