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Item #: SCP-5924
Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
its currently unknown what location or form of containment is being used to contain SCP-5924(rumor is the build the containment around SCP-5924 in the location he was halted in).As the sound of blood curling screams keeps the monster in a hypnotic trance, the SCP foundation as installed a permanent sound device in the creatures vicinity. which has, Thankfully not failed thus far. And ,because of the destructive and unknown property's of SCP-5924,as well as the fact that no-one is aware of how hypnotized the creature is, the scp foundation is reluctant to make any changes to the creatures environment or personal being.

Description: [SCP-5924 has 220 eyes,3 arms and 2 legs., 2 heads.]

Addendum: A humanoid monster called scp-5924 made contact in a city SW of Switzerland ( Population 1.1Million+ ). As Witnesses described it, "SCP-5924 is a two headed, three armed (two in the normal spots, resembling scaled human arms in length and description, the third arm would be described better as a jointed tentacle, which is protruding from the front of the right heads neck, which, when, standing at full Hight, hangs appox 1" , off the ground. In its "hand: exists its mouth, that resembles a humans mouth), bipedal, scaled humanoid", with a thin layer of corrosive slime covering its body. It has no ears or mouth, instead, in there place, are sets of 22 eyes for, currently, still unknown reasons. Its Tall (at 9' 11") and intelligent (IQ of approx. 290) but not Flexible and its reaction speed is.. average at best.
Strangely, SCP-5924 only acknowledges and consumes forms of *sentient* life, and with that being said, it started to gorge itself on the outskirts of the city's, population.
The first forces to encounter and identify SCP-5924 on record, was the, special task force, of the city's policing forces; hitting SCP-5924 with all variety's of caliber bullets and all explosive/incendiary tactical weapons available to them, but nothing showed any kid of visible discomfort to SCP-5924. The SCP Foundation was then called in too take control of the site, but not before SCP-5924 unnaturally consumed 98% of the city's population with no forms of excretion visible. (in All known spectrums of energy *light, heat, electromagnetic etc*). initially, two teams arrived at the site and within 10 minuets from when they made first contact with SCP-5924, the 3 remaining control operators, alive, were fleeing for there lives accept for, one SCP officer (who was unable to flee due to SCP-5924 removing both his legs, with surgical precision /w cauterizing the wound simultaneously) He was able to contain SCP-5924, hypnotizing him, with his blood curling screams as it consumed his legs, (by first sucking all the meat, then chewing up the bones like a candy cane).he noticed it has a calming effect on SCP-5924 and continued to do so until the containment team arrived. It is now located in a secure cell at the SCP foundation.