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Subject being held in block ██

Item #: SCP-3904

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3904 is to be kept in a separate housing unit from main building due to its nature and is to be monitored at all times by two or more video surveillance monitors. The monitors themself are also to be kept separate from each other to ensure SCP-3904 has not influenced either one of them to open the chamber or interact with the specimen up close. This is especially important when hydrating SCP-3904 as it seems to excite the properties of its nature, further increasing the possibility of influence.

Description: In appearance SCP-3904 does not seem to resemble any Earth creatures directly, but rather an amalgamation of deer, raven, chicken, and insect. It is approximately 2.8 meters in height and weighs around 167.4 kilograms.1 In addition, this specimen is further intriguing as it also has what appears to be a fusion of rock and plant life, which leads us to assume that SCP-3904 either absorbs or replicates animals and nature it comes in contact with, however we have yet to test this. From what it has shown, SCP-3904 has a way to induce a form of psychosis on humans which have exceedingly long lasting effects, if not permanent.2 We currently conjecture this works off our endorphins, but no research has been conclusive as of yet. A similar effect seems to take place on various SCPs when contained in cells neighboring SCP-3904, which is why we now forced to use a separate location 50 yards from the main building. When under the alteration of SCP-3904 the subject will start heading to its location appearing to be in state of euphoria until someone tries to distance them from SCP-3904 where they will then lash out erratically and in one case even attempt to harm the staff member(s) restraining him or her [see SCP-3904 Log #174]. We do not have much information on how to stop this effect from happening, nor what happens when someone is to come in direct contact with SCP-3904, but two of our previously affected3 staff members have a few words on what the experience of its ability felt like.

Staff Member #1: "It was a feeling of pure joy, like nothing mattered, nothing at all. The only thing that did matter was getting close to that thing. I think it wanted me to become it. Thank God I didn't; that you guys were there to stop me. I don't know what would have happened if you let it have me. I apologize sincerely to the person I attacked and thank you with heavy gratitude for saving me."

Staff Member #2: "I don't really know how to explain it, it was just like some sort of release. I couldn't control my body, I felt trapped, but for some reason calm simultaneously. I believe it might have even spoke to me. Not in any language that I could interpret, but almost understand in an emotional sense. If it wasn't for the guards, I could have been killed. After I was distanced from it, I felt heavily drained, but now I am slowly feeling myself again. However, I still feel as if a part of it has not yet left my mind, but I'm sure in time I will be just fine. "