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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored in a standard containment cell at Site-19, and is to be monitored at all times. Any anomalous entities attempting to exit the object are to be apprehended and returned to SCP-XXXX. Any humans attempting to exit the object are to be detained for questioning.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a pocket dimension contained within a cardboard box. All objects native to SCP-XXXX have an appearance similar to crude drawings made using pencil and paper, however most objects are still capable of functioning in the same way a non-anomalous version of the object would. Removal of an object from inside SCP-XXXX will cause it to transform into non-anomalous paper until returned to the anomaly.

SCP-XXXX can only be entered by opening the top of the box. The entryway is located 20km above the surface inside SCP-XXXX.

Notable objects within SCP-XXXX

SCP-XXXX-A: Humanoid entities that make up the main inhabitants of SCP-XXXX. Instances possess a thin, circular head, upon which are two dots functioning as eyes, and a large mouth. Connected to the bottom of the head are three thin, cylindrical appendages, which function as a body and two arms. The body splits into two additional appendages at the bottom which function as legs. Appendages display a wide range of flexibility, with no apparent joints or bone structure.
SCP-XXXX-A instances are as durable as a non-anomalous human, and are capable of speech, eating, grasping objects, and perception of all five senses. Mental abilities appear similar to that of a human child. SCP-XXXX-A instances appear to lack a concept of gender, and reproduce by retracting their body and appendages into their head, and splitting in a manner similar to cellular mitosis. All SCP-XXXX-A instances possess a small pocket dimension accessed by reaching behind their body, which is used to store small objects.

SCP-XXXX-B: A city located within SCP-XXXX spanning an area of approximately 30km. Most buildings are shaped as rectangular prisms of varying dimensions. Roads are present throughout SCP-XXXX-B despite a lack of any form of automobiles.

SCP-XXXX-C: A nuclear power station which supplies power to SCP-XXXX-B. Possesses a single reactor connected to two cooling towers, drawn upon each of which is an "ionizing radiation" hazard symbol.

SCP-XXXX-D: A total of 27 restaurants branded as Denny's1, located throughout SCP-XXXX. No restaurants bearing any other brand have as of yet been discovered within SCP-XXXX. Along with the standard menu, SCP-XXXX-D instances serve a large selection of pancake varieties, most of which are not served by non-anomalous Denny's restaurants.

Exploration Log XXXX-1

Foreword: The purpose of this exploration was to attempt communication with an SCP-XXXX-A instance. D-4317 had been briefed on the contents of SCP-XXXX before entry. D-4317 was equipped with a standard Foundation exploration kit and a parachute, and dropped into SCP-XXXX. D-4317 landed in a field on the outskirts of SCP-XXXX-B.


(D-4317 spends several seconds observing his surroundings.)

Command: D-4317, please collect a sample of the surface.

(D-4317 places a handful of soil into a sample vial. A black outline forms around the location soil was removed from the ground.)

D-4317: Feels like dirt, only difference is the color. Pure white 'till you move it around.

Command: Noted. Proceed towards the city, and locate an entity to interview.

(D-4317 proceeds towards SCP-XXXX-B. As he approaches, he is noticed by a group of SCP-XXXX-A instances. Three instances move towards D-4317.)

D-4317: I think some of the things noticed me. Jeez, they're a lot more creepy in person. Their legs move like they're made of rubber.

(The SCP-XXXX-A instances stop a short distance from D-4317 and begin talking to each other. The words are not audible from where D-4317 is standing. One instance produces a camera from behind it's back, and takes a photograph of D-4317. The instances return to SCP-XXXX-B.)

D-4317: Guess they don't want to talk.

Command: Understood. Proceed into the city. Locate a business and attempt to speak to an employee.

(D-4317 walks through SCP-XXXX-B for 11 minutes before locating an SCP-XXXX-D instance. D-4317 enters the restaurant and approaches an SCP-XXXX-A instance working at the entrance booth.2 Several SCP-XXXX-A instances in the building stare at D-4317.)

D-4317: (To SCP-XXXX-A-1) Heya, uh, got any idea why everyone's staring at me?

SCP-XXXX-A-1: …Well, we’re surprised you’re here, your majesty! It has been many years since our King has been seen in public!


D-4317: …I think you might have me confused with someone else.

SCP-XXXX-A-1: That can’t be true, only our King looks like you do!

D-4317: I'm not sure what you mean by that.

Command: Ask the entity if it can show you an image of the “king.”

D-4317: Do you have an image of the king? Like, what he looked like before today, I guess.

SCP-XXXX-A-1: Of course, your majesty, let me find one.
(SCP-XXXX-A-1 produces what appears to be a smartphone from behind its back, and uses it to display an image of a male human child.)

Command: Image noted. D-4317, ask the entity what status the “king” holds in their society.

D-4317: Alright. [To SCP-XXXX-A-1] What did the king do while he was around?

SCP-XXXX-A-1: You controlled everything! Whatever you said would become real! Do you not remember?

D-4317: I told you before, I’m not the same guy. And I don't know what you're talking about with controlling everything.

Command: (Brief discussion among researchers, away from microphone.) We're going to change the topic. Ask the entity how SCP-XXXX was created.

D-4317: Do you know how this place was created? The world you live in, I mean.

SCP-XXXX-A-1: Yeah, I can tell you that. So, the King liked to draw and tell stories. He kept all of them in a box. His stories were so awesome that they came to life, and that's how the world was created.

D-4317: …Who taught you that, exactly?

SCP-XXXX-A-1: The King did. That's what he told everyone.

D-4317: He was sort of like your god, then.

SCP-XXXX-A-1: I guess so. Are you sure you're not him?

D-4317: I don't think I am. [To command.] What else should I do?

Command: (Discussion among researchers, away from microphone.) That should be enough. D-4317, please return to the location you entered SCP-XXXX. Do not attempt further interaction with the anomaly.

D-4317: If you say so.

(D-4317 exits the building, and stops at the doorway.)

D-4317: Actually, I want to try something first. I have a steak.

(A steak placed upon a table materializes in front of D-4317.)

D-4317: Huh, it actually worked.

Command: Do not interact with the anomaly without being ordered. Proceed to the exit or your collar will be detonated.

D-4317: Uh, well, the collar doesn't work anymore.

(D-4317's collar detaches.)

D-4317: Ha, ha, would you look at that. Looks like I'm the one in control. (D-4317 rotates his camera to display his face. A crown has manifested on his head.) You all better stay out of my box, now.

(D-4317 throws the camera to the side, breaking the lens. Audio continues to broadcast.)

D-4317: [Eating] Can I get this medium-rare?


Addendum XXXX-1: Following the events of exploration log XXXX-1, an exploration drone was dispatched into SCP-XXXX, which disintegrated immediately upon entry. A secondary drone equipped with a Scranton Reality Anchor was dispatched into SCP-XXXX, which was able to observe the inside of SCP-XXXX for several minutes before being destroyed by gunfire.

The following changes were noted to the contents of SCP-XXXX:

  • A number of crude statues of D-4317 being constructed by SCP-XXXX-A instances.
  • A large, heavily fortified building outside of SCP-XXXX-B.
  • Advertisements for steak as a new menu item at SCP-XXXX-D.