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Photograph taken of SCP-XXXX within its living space via remote piloted drone.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-XXXX is to be contained within a standard humanoid containment cell within Site-79. Foundation personnel are to provide SCP-XXXX with food and water three times daily, as well as requested entertainment material as approved by the senior researcher assigned to SCP-XXXX. Due to the risk that SCP-XXXX’s anomolous properties present when in immediate proximity to other sentient life, contact with SCP-XXXX should be avoided whenever possible. Should direct contact with SCP-XXXX be necessary, only one member of Foundation staff is permitted to enter its containment unit at a time, with exposure to the entity being limited to a maximum time of five minutes. As a result, SCP-XXXX is prohibited from leaving its containment chamber at any time.

Due to the nature of its anomalous properties, SCP-XXXX is currently incapable of reliable containment within any secure Foundation facilities. SCP-XXXX’s current location is to be monitored at all times, though given the entity’s docile nature, attempts of capturing or terminating it are not necessary. SCP-XXXX is to remain within its current living space, deemed as a 1km radius of woodland clearing surrounding a small cabin in [REDACTED], Maine. The perimeter of this area is to be monitored and guarded 24/7 by assigned Foundation personnel, with various roadblocks, detour signs, and private property warnings to be posted along roads and pathways within a further 2 km radius to the site, making the total site radius approximately 3 km (6 km in diameter).

Civilians who attempt to approach the main perimeter are to be directed away by foundation personnel. Should a civilian or civilians surpass the guarded perimeter, they are to be apprehended. Class B amnestics are to be administered, followed by delivery of the apprehended civilian(s) to the nearest town or city by Foundation personnel.

Should SCP-XXXX attempt to leave its designated living space (exceeding the 1 km radius from the cabin it resides in), a remote-piloted drone will be sent in to incapacitate the target via tranquilizer darts, where a maximum of two on-site personnel will intercept the target and return it to its living quarters. Living supplies and other items are to be delivered via remote piloted drone every 30 days, providing food, water, medical supplies, and fuel to sustain it for 32 days; accounting for any lost supplies. SCP-XXXX may make requests by inputting a message into a keypad on the drone when it makes a delivery. All items must be approved by relevant level 3 personnel, and will be delivered along with standard supplies in the next scheduled supply drop.

Description: SCP -XXXX is a male human of caucasian ethnicity, 29 years of age, standing at approximately 1.88 m, with an estimated weight of 85.73 kg, formerly known as Jacob █████. SCP-XXXX does not appear to show any deviations in standard human anatomy, genealogy, physiology, or standard psychological behavior, and has been tested to have an IQ score of 120. SCP-XXXX’s anomalous effect manifests itself when it comes within a 25 m radius to other sentient lifeforms, with its influence intensifying as more sentient entities enter this space.

Any sentient organisms that enter this radius will be referred to as SCP-XXXX-A. Should any instances of XXXX-A occur, SCP-XXXX will unintentionally begin altering the probability fields within its aforementioned radius. This will cause “bad luck” to occur in the environment around it that intensifies by a factor of approximately -6% for each instance of XXXX-A within SCP-XXXX’s area of effect.

Standard probability field levels are 0%, with negative values indicating “bad luck”, and positive values indicating “good luck”. Severity of phenomena that occur are directly tied to the current PF levels.

PF level ranges and likely phenomena associated:

  • -1% through -29%:

Minimal to moderate bad luck; includes accidental but minor injuries, random damages/loss of personal items, slight inconvenient fluctuations in weather (i.e rain or strong winds), etcetera.

  • -30% through -69%:

Moderate to nearly severe bad luck (may also include phenomena associated with minimal levels); includes moderate to temporarily crippling injuries (i.e broken bones, non-lethal lacerations), destruction of valuable personal items and property, death of family pets, unexpected fees and bills during times of hardship, dangerous equipment malfunctions, chemical spills, etcetera.

  • -70% through -100%:

Severe bad luck (may also include phenomena associated with minimal through nearly severe levels); includes potential lethal injuries and illness, destruction of irreplaceable property, death of family members, attacks on oneself, loved ones, or area of residence, dangerous structural failure, etc.

  • Below -100%:

Extreme bad luck (may also include phenomena associated with severe levels); includes situations causing multiple fatalities, mass destruction of public and private property, mass structural collapse, dangerous and bizarre weather fluctuations (i.e hurricanes in inland regions, unnaturally large tornadoes, catastrophic tremors, [REDACTED]), impossible and/or unexplained phenomena (i.e [DATA EXPUNGED]), and [REDACTED].

Despite the events that it may influence, SCP-XXXX does not experience any severe injury from the misfortune it causes, notwithstanding any likelihood that XXXX should have been affected directly. Instead, all phenomena caused by SCP-XXXX’s properties will seem to primarily cause harm to instances of SCP-XXXX-A. Should an instance of XXXX-A be removed from the area of effect, it will no longer be in danger of direct harm caused by SCP-XXXX’s properties. Consequently, removing an instance of XXXX-A from the area of effect will also reduce the intensity of SCP-XXXX’s influence on probability. It was discovered upon initial detainment of SCP-XXXX that its anomalous effect does not manifest itself if it is unconscious.

SCP-XXXX behaves in a cooperative yet anxious nature towards foundation personnel, and is emotionally distressed by the effects that its anomalous properties have on the people and environment around it. SCP-XXXX was brought to the attention of the foundation on ██/██/2018 when reports of spontaneous accidents and tragedies exponentially grew within a short time in the town of ██████, Connecticut. Reported incidents included: Multiple car pile ups, [REDACTED], and [DATA EXPUNGED]. MTF-Alpha-5 (“Honor Guard”) was dispatched to the city to track down any potential anomalous person(s).

Investigating personnel determined that the spontaneous accidents had followed a pattern through the town, which was lead directly to SCP-XXXX, who had taken shelter in a small cave within a forest a few towns away. To avoid any more potential harm, the Foundation dispatched a helicopter escort to fly SCP-XXXX to Site-79. However, 57 minutes after detaining the entity, it was reported by the pilot of the helicopter that a dense thunderstorm had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Communication with the helicopter escort was immediately lost afterwards, and the escort was deemed MIA.

A search team was dispatched to find the missing escort, which had located the crashed helicopter in a field approximately 4.3 km away from Site-79. All five Foundation personnel who’d been part of the escort had been killed in the crash, yet SCP-XXXX was found to be laying in the grass, unharmed, save for minor cuts and bruises. SCP-XXXX was immediately tranquilized by personnel and delivered to Site-79 for questioning.

Addendum #XXXX-1a: SCP-XXXX had awoken from his comatose state after approximately 48 hours. An interview was conducted after an additional 24 hours; See Interview Log. It is worth noting that during this time, it was observed that SCP-XXXX’s anomalous properties did not manifest themselves. Because of this, research staff theorize that SCP-XXXX’s effect on probabiliy could be temporarily disabled via psychological depressants.

Interviewed: SCP-XXXX

Interviewer: Dr. ██████

Foreword: This interview was conducted when SCP-XXXX was initially taken in for questioning, prior to SCP classification.

<Begin log>

Dr. ██████: I need you to state your name for the record.

SCP-XXXX: Jacob █████

Dr. ██████: Where do you live, Mr. █████?

SCP-XXXX: Uh… ███████… Connecticut.

Dr. ██████: You seem distracted.

SCP-XXXX: (appears to nod his head gently) I… uh… I’m rather tired… those tranquilizers were strong…

Dr. ██████: I’m going to have to ask you to stay with me (pause)… What can you tell me about the helicopter crash…

SCP-XXXX: (appears to be staring blankly into the corner of the room)…

Dr. ██████: Jacob, I asked you a question.

Dr. ██████: Jacob?… (snaps his fingers)

SCP-XXXX: Y-yes… sorry about that. What was it you were asking?

Dr. ██████: I asked what you did to crash that helicopter.

SCP-XXXX: No…no, that wasn’t me! I didn’t do that! You have to believe me! I complied when they came for me, I didn’t fight them! Hell, I wanted to go with them!

Dr. ██████: And what made you so eager? Were you trying to get here so you could do the same thing in this facility that you did back in ████████?

SCP-XXXX: I didn’t do that either… I wanted to go because I thought I’d be safe with you guys… I thought I could get away from people and maybe figure out what was happening to me. So far it seems like whatever was happening is over… doesn’t it?

Dr. ██████: It seems so… but then again, we haven’t given you a chance to do anything

SCP-XXXX: (he sighs and hangs his head, then speaks in a panicked voice) You have to believe me! (he quiets down)… I’m not some kind of terrorist…

Dr. ██████: Then what are you?

SCP-XXXX: I’m just a guy; a guy who’s been getting caught in the wrong places at the wrong times.

Dr. ██████: (creaking is heard from Dr. ██████ leaning back in his chair) When did it start?

SCP-XXXX: I’m not entirely sure…. I think it was about a day before you guys found me. I’d been having a god awful day. My breakfast had been ruined, I was late to work, I spilled coffee on myse-

Dr. ██████: What exactly does this have to do with anything?

SCP-XXXX: (sighs heavily) I don’t know… You wanted to ask me where it started and this where I feel it starts. The point is, I had a really bad day, I got fired, was in a car accident, and I get home only to find that I was being evicted.

Dr. ██████: Damn. Tough break.

SCP-XXXX: You’re telling me? But yea. It was bad. I really didn’t know what to do so I sorta just…sat on my porch. But that cat…

Dr. ██████: Cat? What cat?

SCP-XXXX: (shrugs) I dunno. There was this black cat. It walked its way up to me and tried rubbing against my leg. I’ve never really been much of a cat guy, so I tried to shoo it away, but then for no reason, I felt some weird sensation throughout my whole body. It spooked me, so I ran inside and slammed the door… What’s that superstition about black cats? Seven years bad luck if one crosses your path?

Dr. ██████: I think so. Do you believe that cat caused your… condition?

SCP-XXXX: I have no clue… all I know is that this cat showed up coincidently between the two worst days of my life.

Dr. ██████: I see… what happened the next day?

SCP-XXXX: The next day is when it all went to hell. It started out normal, ya’ know? I saw some people tripping on the way to work, saw a couple of kids lose their ball into a storm drain, relatively normal stuff. But then I got on the bus… I still hear the scream of a woman trying to warn the bus driver about the semi that had sudden been barreling straight towards the side of us.

Dr. ██████: So there was an accident.

SCP-XXXX: An accident? (XXXX appears to be incredibly distressed) A ███████ accident?! None of them survived! I don’t know what type of twisted miracle prevented me from meeting the same fate… but they didn’t deserve such a horrible way to go… and it only got worse from there… (XXXX seems severely disturbed, starting to cry). I-I crawled out of the wreckage to see what had happened… I couldn’t look for long… their bodies were…

Dr. ██████: Do you need to take a break?

SCP-XXXX: (Silence for ten seconds)… No… I’m alright, thank you…

Dr. ██████: Whenever you’re ready to continue.

SCP-XXXX: (an additional 23 seconds passes in silence)… I pretty much just ran… I didn’t know what else to do, I was terrified. It wasn’t until I’d gotten a few blocks down when I started to realize the sounds that were following me. I heard glass shattering, cars crashing, heavy objects colliding with god knows what… I started to see [DATA EXPUNGED] behind me… I just tried to get out as fast as I could.

Dr. ██████: Tell me about when we found you.

SCP-XXXX: (another brief period of silence) I just wanted to get away from people… That cave seemed like as good a spot as any to be alone. (silence for 30 seconds)… I was there for a few hours before your guys arrived. I figured it was as good a time as any to get help, so I complied with them and got in the chopper.

Dr. ██████: And what brought it down?
SCP-XXXX: A storm… it rolled in out of nowhere, lighting hit the chopper and I blacked out… Next time I woke up, I was getting tranquilized right back to sleep.

Dr. ██████: And now, here you are.

SCP-XXXX: Yea… It would appear that way.

Dr. ██████: Well. I believe we have all we need for now. Thank you for your cooperation Mr. █████. Security will escort you back to your quarters.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Mr. ██████ was assigned SCP classification shortly after this interview was conducted. Testing of SCP-XXXX’s potential anomolous affects had been scheduled.

Addendum XXXX-0a1: Before testing on SCP-XXXX could be conducted, an incident involving spontaneous breaches in containment at Site-79 had occured. This was likely caused by a “reactivation” of XXXX’s properties. The event gave SCP-XXXX the opportunity to flee the facility and make its way to where it currently resides over the course of four days. Containment procedures have been updated accordingly, upgraded object from Euclid to Keter class as approved by Senior Researcher Dr. ██████.

Note: The black cat’s really outta the bag on this one, I’d say - Dr. Alves