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SCP ████

Item #: ████

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP ████ is to be stored at site ██, ████,in a 10 layer (30cm between each thick walls) of graphene, coated with an extra layer of steel lining around all of the layers and vertices. Experimentation will only be applicable to Class D personnel, and only with prior permission from at least one Level 3 Senior Researcher and/or Dr. ████ of Site ████.

Constituent B

Upon discovering this creature, signs of hostility grew and it became salient that this it was supposedly released for a sick purpose.
-Dr. ████
Further testing is required before [[DATA EXPUNGED]] can be carried out.

Tall, wolf-like shadowy figure that appears within the corner of subjects eye at random once observed, stated to have long worm-like tendrils growing out of many pores around its body, and manipulating the viewer psychologically, luring them into its chamber, where it will proceed to dismember them and ingest their limbs, it is an unknown source of where the limbs go, but it is thought to be completely digested by the SCP.
Upon walking, SCP-████ has been observed to leave a trail of corrosive mucus, similar to the traits of SCP 106. It is said to believe that they are related some way, but until Dr. ██████ can carry out [[DATA EXPUNGED]], there is no confirmation. The specimen appears to be extremely agile, sometimes recorded attacking prey at almost 120mph. If it fails to lure you into its containment chamber (Tests show that SCP-████ speaks to the victim in the voices of a passed away loved one, or someone meaningful to them.)
It will demote your psychological state by concatenating with the victim throughout their time in the foundation, or even outside, after seen a few times by the victim, [See Footnote 1] it will engulf your mind with images to do with emotion and dark fears, dependant on person.
It appears, during multiple encounters, the organism can understand and speak full English, even complex compound sentences in which it should be denoted that it has the ability to torment its victims this way.

Clearance to the cell is only available to Dr.████as of this period of time, further testing will ensure the specimen complies with regularity standards.



Previous testing has portrayed the organism to be highly hostile, and has the ability to almost "vanish" out of space and time, defying factors of ████'s theory of an oscillatory universe.

Quoted by Dr. ████

Further testing is required to understand whether it will be deemed dangerous enough for AR-II maximum security sites.
In an interview with SCP-███ which proved useful on the results, [See below].

…..Subject was taken into Room ███ of site ██ to ensure it would not cause threats to any personnel, interviewer was behind reinforced walls - laced with multiple layers of graphene and steel throughout.

[REDACTED]: So, I am aware you can speak English and communicate, correct?
SCP-███: I despise talking with your kind.
[REDACTED]: …Okay…..
[REDACTED]: So… I a-
SCP-███: May I go back to my little room? I've had enough.
[REDACTED]: No, I need to ask you a series of questions.
SCP-███: Whatever questions you may ask, I doubt I have the answers to them, after all… the human race is superior. Sarcastic tone
[REDACTED]: Right, so… what exactly are you..?
SCP-███: I am beyond your knowledge, and will be even if I tell you.
[REDACTED]: Answer the question.
SCP-███: I was given a soul, just like anyone else.
SCP-███: I consist of a number of things, but the most important thing you might think about asking me next is how I manage to "vanish".
[REDACTED]: Answer the first questio-

SCP-███ appears to have disappeared, all of the restraints instantly broken.

Site lockdown was initiated, specimen had escaped the area.
Site ██ in ███ is now on extreme lockdown by the O5-X ████ and O5 council members ████ and ████
…..END LOG……