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Description: SCP-XXXX is a pair of identical socks, designated SCP-XXXXa and SCP-XXXXb. Each possesses a gray color with a dark green heel and toe. Covering the leg of each sock is a repetitive green zig-zag pattern which terminates at the cuff while continuing along the top half of the sock to the toe. The fabric appears to be a combination of nylon, cotton, and spandex. Each sock weighs 33.42 grams.
The anomalous effects of SCP-XXXX are only evident when both socks sheathe some portion of a living organism. Wearing a single sock, or simply making contact with the socks, will not trigger any anomalous effects, and neither will wearing these socks over another pair of socks. On the other hand, if a test subject wears one sock of the pair and the other sock over it, SCP-XXXX's ability will be activated. Also, it does not appear that SCP-XXXX has any effect on organisms with a lesser mass than that of itself.
The effects of SCP-XXXX on the wearer (designated SCP-XXXX-[test number]) vary by species and significant results are detailed in the table below.

Species Anomalous Effects Notes
Human Within three seconds of wearing SCP-XXXX, bone projections rapidly emerged from various points on the subject's body. Subject (designated SCP-XXXX-1) was killed when multiple rapidly lengthening bone spurs from thoracic vertebrae pierced his lungs. All bone growth ceased after 16 minutes of death. Testing on the skeleton revealed extremely high concentrations of boron carbide.
Brown rat SCP-XXXX-2 continued normal activity for sixty-four seconds. The rat grew bone projections similar to those observed in the human subject, though any injuries resulting from self-impalement proved to be nonfatal. SCP-XXXX-2 then grew a thick, dense skull, which it used to breach containment. Conventional bullets proved to be largely ineffective against the subject, which began to expand in size, with notable increases in leg length, allowing for greater speed. SCP-XXXX-2 proceeded to consume █ D-class personnel, though SCP-XXXXa and b fell off its snout in the process and were recovered. Subject was terminated when it broke into a containment cell for SCP-681, upon which it ruptured one of SCP-681's storage containers and suffocated from the resulting effects. SCP-681 was re-contained using normal leakage containment procedures and the corpse of SCP-XXXX-2 was relocated for study. Due to the size of the socks in comparison to that of rat subject to this test, SCP-XXXXa and b had to be secured over the rat's head. The autopsy of SCP-XXXX-2 revealed that the entire body had been altered drastically over the course of its exposure to SCP-XXXX. Its skeletal structure (containing abnormal concentrations of boron carbide) had expanded to over three times its normal size, with longer, thicker leg bones, a second jaw joint to better distribute bite force (which is an adaptation used by crocodiles to grip prey more effectively), a stronger cranium, and an overall bulkier stature. Increases in musculature were also reported, especially in the medial pterygoids, quadriceps, glutei, and iliopsoas, with higher muscle densities in the chest, which had morphed to possess a leaner, more narrow shape. The Site Director called for a flamethrower to be used in case of any violence from future test subjects, along with reinforced containment doors.
Chimpanzee Subject SCP-XXXX-4 immediately attempted to attack the D-class personnel that put SCP-XXXX on its feet, but collapsed soon afterward. Autopsy of SCP-XXXX-4 revealed that the individual was killed when bone spikes extended into its cerebrum.
Goliath beetle After being placed inside SCP-XXXXa, which itself was placed inside SCP-XXXXb, SCP-XXXX-10 emerged from SCP-XXXX and immediately spat an unknown liquid at the eyes of several of the D-class personnel in the containment chamber. The beetle was observed to have grown several inches larger and bulkier than normal, with large claw-like projections of carapace on its feet. It was then set aflame with the on-hand flamethrower. SCP-XXXX-10 shed its carapace and leaped onto the flamethrower, which it tore at with the claws on its front legs. The containment chamber was evacuated and the room sealed off. The altered subject used its frontal claws to breach containment. The subject was terminated by on-site security by sealing SCP-XXXX-10 in a research lab and filling the room with chlorine gas. The corpse of SCP-XXXX-10 was removed for study. As with the skeletons of vertebrates involved in testing, the exoskeleton of SCP-XXXX-10 contained high levels of boron carbide. The liquid which SCP-XXXX-10 spat in its containment chamber was determined to be hemolymph. Considering the apparent vulnerability of SCP-XXXX-affected organisms to chlorine, Site Director set the current containment measures stated above in place.
Japanese maple [DATA EXPUNGED] Any requests for further testing of SCP-XXXX on plants are to be denied. -O5-█.
Stove-pipe sponge

Author's note: This is a work in progress. Further details on these potentially anomalous objects are continually being added as data is coming in from the field.

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