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Item #: SCP-3709

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3709's cell is at the center of Site-373, and is held within a circular containment cell with a 13-meter radius. A 2 meter thick solid concrete wall serves to contain SCP-3709, sealed from floor to ceiling. The single entry point to the containment zone is on the south side of the containment cell, the entrance fitted with two magnetically locked doors. When closing, the door rests at a stop a foot below the floor to ensure no gap remains that might be used as an escape route. On the right side of the doors is a plexiglass window, the window heavily tinted on the inside of the containment cell. To ensure visual contact is not met by the SCP, all personnel must stand at least 30 centimeters away from the window

Description: SCP-3709 is a pair of white knee high socks with three red stripes at the top. They currently measure 40 centimeters in height. The socks are animate and sentient. At rest, SCP-3709 is indistinguishable from any other similar pair of socks. SCP-3709 is capable of independent movement in various ways:

The first, and most often seen, form of movement is the pair of socks taking on the shape of a pair of feminine legs, the leggings pulled all the way up to where the knees would be on a woman approximately 1.6 meters in height. When walking about in this form, the socks hold all the same consistencies as normal legs. Touching the shin of the socks yields the texture of a shinbone underneath, the toes able to be separated out to feel each individual toe, and so on.

The second form of movement is for the pair of socks to move about as though a pair of snakes, often with the toes of the socks up in the air to act as the 'head.' When moving in this state, SCP-3709 are able to traverse almost any surface, horizontal or vertical, with the exception of extremely smooth surfaces such as glass or polished steel. The socks have demonstrated having reached the neck of a human with little hindrance.

Addendum 3709-01: SCP-3709 also has shown to possess an ability to animate any piece of clothing within proximity, however it appears as though SCP-3709 must be able to see such clothing in order to interact with it. This was demonstrated when a pair of gloves inside a clear plexiglass box was introduced to Site-373, with SCP-3709 remaining in its cell, it was discovered that the gloves remained inactive inside the box until the box itself was placed within SCP-3709's containment cell.

Addendum 3709-02: A full outfit of clothing contained in a plexiglass box was then sent to SCP-3709's containment cell. The outfit consisted of a simple black long sleeved shirt, bluejeans, a pair of leather gloves, and black tennis shoes. This plexiglass box was fitted with a lock to be released via remote. Once the box was contained within SCP-3709's cell, the lock was released and SCP-3709's interaction with the clothing monitored. Immediately upon access, SCP-3709 fashioned a female humanoid form out of the clothing, the individual articles of clothing, with SCP-3709 included as the feet, acting as one. It was noted that the tennis shoes remained inanimate.

Addendum 3709-03: A Class-D personnel was stripped of all fabric, and was then fitted with tennis shoes, a gold watch, a silver chain necklace, and a pair of sunglasses before being sent in to SCP-3709's containment cell. Upon entering, it was observed that SCP-3709 proceeded to 'forcibly dress' the man with the clothing given in the previous test. During this time, the man was heard laughing. Once the man was dressed, he proceeded to walk - seemingly involuntary - over to the tinted window and pounded on it before saying: "Uh. It told me to tell you to please show some decency next time, and that it didn't appreciate the view."

Adendum 3709-04: It has been discovered that SCP-3709's only means of communication is through a form of telepathy. It appears as though this telepathy is one way, as verbal communication must be used in order to reply to SCP-3709. SCP-3709 always refers to itself in the plural form, but speaks with a clearly feminine voice.

SCP-3709's personality is largely jovial and friendly, seeming to enjoy conversation with female personnel than male. The only example of SCP-3709 expressing anger during its captivity is when a researcher made a passing comment on SCP-3709 resembling an invisible person.