Kajukai's Sandbox
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained within a 2x2.5x2 meter box
with 5 cm thick steel walls at Site-19. The room must be lit at all times with light levels measuring at least 100 lx. Additional solar powered backup lights must be ready in the event of loss of site power. The lights must be covered with 5 cm of bulletproof glass.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a cylindrical lattice of thin, curved wire segments joined by rivets. SCP-XXXX is made of a very hard, unidentified black metal with a melting point of 18,500°C that can only be cut by plasma.

SCP-XXXX's joints are flexible which allows it to collapse and change shape. It can move very slowly in a manner similar to a sea urchin by flexing its segments and tipping itself over.

When light levels drop below 100 lx, SCP-XXXX begins to grow new segments. The speed of growth increases as light levels decrease. Segments grow once every several minutes in just under 100 lx of light, with speeds approaching instant growth at levels just above 0 lx. SCP-XXXX's central body will regenerate at a speed of about 1 segment per second at any light level. Segments appear to spontaneously materialize from nothing, with high-speed camera testing proving unsuccessful, as conditions were too dark to make a visible image at high frame rates.

SCP-XXXX's metal appendages are capable of punching through sheets of steel of up to 0.7 cm thick as well as smashing through concrete. SCP-XXXX is not hostile to humans, but will attempt to pierce through anything in the path of one of its appendages and actively seek out and attempt to destroy light sources.

Once testing concludes, SCP-XXXX will be transferred to a smaller containment cell.