Unit 58

Thread A follows Roe, a very good kills-people who works for the Foundation. She is the muscular arm of a three-man team of professionals setting up shop in the area. She acts on intelligence that Roy gathers. She is the team's unstoppable force, and her only vulnerability is the cover child she takes care of. He believes that she's his mother, and she believes that he's her son. Is this perception enough? What is the qualification of parenthood?

Thread B follows Roy, an FI operative responsible for interrogations and intelligence gathering. He is an auxiliary to the group; he services prisoners resistant to the influences of Dick. He's also the weak link in the group, having a variety of misgivings about what he does - though he does it very well and without reservation. He cares for a pair of elderly people he believes to be his parents.

Thread C follows Rick, a powerful LUMENS. Rick is the administrative wing of the group, and the key to the entire operation; his psychic powers allow him to manipulate any given human mind to his whim. He collects soldiers, security officers, construction workers and other service workers like figurines, and views them as such. He is aware of how this dehumanizes people, and he believes that it is part of the job. He is a consummate professional, and this is his archetype as it relates to the unit. He truly believes that what he is doing is honorable and necessary, and will not be swayed from that fact. Brainwashing - or not - his fellow operatives and possibly manipulating the shuttering of Unit 158, and even his death may have been orchestrated. Who can tell? He is a man of unlimited drive, and his love for Walsh could have been fabricated.

Act I: Hades

-The core is introduced - Roe and family, Roy and family, Rick and lover
-Unit 58 is established under force
-Unit 58's secures the principle and neutralizes all opposition

Act II: The Triumph of Sisyphus

-The Interloper is introduced
-The Interloper's group is obliterated
-Roy defects. His parents die.

Act III: Lethe

-Roe is defeated. Her son lives.
-The principle is sprung. Regional Command orders Rick to shutter the operation.
-Rick dies. Walsh is dubiously left in shock.

It is 2 am.

Roe was in her house and she wakes up and it's very dark. For a moment, she feels like she is not in her house and it terrifies her, but then she realizes she is at home, and she is glad. She moves into her son's room and tells him about a good dream that she had which has been plaguing her from many months. Her son's head nods back to sleep and she goes into the kitchen to drink some water. All of the food is for her on, because as a result of her biological enhancements, she can no longer eat. She considers going back to bed but has an irrational fear of the bedroom and decides to go on a jog. It is two in the morning.

When she is finished jogging, the sun's rays are peeking over the horizon and she is sitting alone. She has an encounter with an older man who typically walks in the park and they talk very briefly about some mundane things. Before he leaves, she tells him that he should tell his children. He knows that he is about to die and he appears momentarily worried, but his brow resolves into a form of acceptance. She is left with the sunrise.

It is 3 am.

Roy is left at home watching television. His hair is graying and as his parents in the other room slowly die he watches some kind of cartoon. He goes in to care for them and then goes on a morning walk. He goes to buy a bottle of vodka and the store gets robbed. Very quickly and brutally he murders the robbers and appears to be in great pain while he does it. Before the two of them have finished breathing, he pays the cashier for his drink. When the police arrive, address him with a level of fear and authority, and dispose of the two people he killed. Roy treats it with a level of familiarity, and tips his hat to the cashier. He wanders back into his house with an empty bottle of vodka and crashes on his couch.

"I'll need to see some I.D."

Roy's face scrunched up in a mixture of confusion and disgust. The cashier shrugged, and he began to crane around his back to search for his wallet.

As he thumbed through it, searching for an ancient driver's license, he felt the barrel of a gun dig into his back. The cashier's head exploded into paste. A pair of youths jumped over the counter and shot the c

It is 4 am.

Rick is dreaming and sees all the people he has murdered and broken the mind of, but the audience is not made aware of this fact until later. He wakes up and the sun has already risen outside; he slept like a baby. He visits his first mark - the local police station. He meets with the chief, whose mind he breaks very easily, snapping in his mind like a twig and bending it like puddy. He spends the rest of the day selecting the chief's best men and breaking their minds. He goes to his second mark - a foreman's site. He breaks the entire room's minds in an instant and they set to work on his new project. He visits his final mark for the day, a house in the suburbs, posing as a salesman. Though there are many cars on the street, and hushed minds inside, a single man who Rick cannot break opens the door.

Rick contacts Roe by phone and tells her that the mark is confirmed. Rick gives Roe the go-signal and says he'll send some help her way. Roe says she doesn't need it, and he asks her 'You sure? I smelled at least a dozen men in there. A lot of guns.'

'We're here to help protect these people, not kill them. They're no problem.'

'Suit yourself. I'll need the package by 0500.'

'Where do I bring it?'

'Bring it to the Ginsu. He'll be able to get something. Oh - and we need to meet. All of us.'

'In person?'

'They're citing me a figure sometime in January. But you can come here, and Raymond can come here. Find me a good time.'

'Yes, sir.'

Rick hung up the phone.

At this point, the first tale has ended, and the second tale has begun.

It begins with Roe entering the house at midnight. She kills the sentry by ripping his throat out. When she enters the compound, she kills everyone inside, but she sedates a guy and drags him out. he comes to in Roy's compound.

"Malcolm. Do you know where you are? Do you know who I am?"

"I can guess."

"If you could, would you?"

"South of the border, for years I'd heard talk of el cuchillo -"

"The Knife, that's right." He stepped into the the light. Grease covered his face and shirt, and his sullen expression appeared devoid of any pleasure or pity.

"Now, can you see my face plainly?"


"Do you know what that means?"

"It means I am going to die."

"Yes. You are. Malcolm," he took his seat, "I work for a very special division of our group. The one you've been hiding Mendel from. A couple years back, they used to call it 'intelligence.' Now, it has no name. And neither do I!"

"I have a friend. The woman that killed your brother and brought you here. Get a good look at her face?"


"That's because she still has one. And a name. And a home to go back to. Me? I have nothing. Not anymore. We have that in common, you and I."

Roy took something out of his back pocket and unfurled it onto the table. It was a tool holster, with a single scalpel gracing its empty leather pockets.

"Now Malcolm - you know why you're still alive, don't you?"


"You've had training, Malcolm. Even if you don't know it - especially if you don't know it. That's the best kind of training. And you've been trained well. My other friend, the solicitor, who came to your home the night before Lawrence was murdered - he can read people, Malcolm. Most people - except the ones who know he's around. It doesn't take much, he's no prodigy - but you, Malcolm. You were quite the challenge for him. Know where that leaves us?"

"You will question me."

Roy nodded. "Yes."

"I will resist."

Roy nodded again. "I know."

"But I think - eventually, I will tell you where he is."

"You're a very honest man, Malcolm. I like that about you." Roy stood, and slid the scalpel out of the holster. "I'm sorry about this."

"I know."

"Principle located."

"Really? I knew I could count on you Roy."

"You don't sound like it."

"Malcolm was hard. Even for someone like you. Overestimation isn't part of my repertoire."

"It did take 30 hours. He was almost dead."

"And I suppose he is now."

"I have a body currently stinking up my basement. You get anyone for that?"

"I can have the chief look into it. In the meanwhile talk to Roe. I've given her equipment and staff; she can take the principle."

"What about the facility? You just started."

"We can house it in something more impermanent until Sal and his men are done. It's more a concern of who we're keeping out."

"I guess I'll see you."

"Good job Roy."