Noche Oscura (Or the Dark Night of our Soul)

The suffering of the Fascist is therefore likened to a cell, where they are tortued by thunder and lightning without end. They are driven by the fear of each foreign thing which shocks and awes to be cancerous to the soul - cancerous, specifically, such as the torrential rainwater of a squall - maneuvering to fester and drive into the bloodstream of any man caught in the rain. Fascism therefore posits itself as a shield between these horrific forces and the peace and quiet that is desired - fashioning itself into a prison cell, restraining the victim in turn, substituting percieved chaos for percieved safety. The qualities of the cell as a means of restraint are totally absolute, in a manner that could not have been dreamnt of by the engineers of the New Reich. And at the end of it al is a quick and sudden death, seen as preferable to the horrors outside.

Personnel File #6478 - AVENUE CADAVER

Figure #: PoI-01-2239

Status: Interned

Location: Armed Area-68, General Wing, Unit 8

Briefing: PoI-2239 was voluntarily entered into Interim custody on September 9