Item class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP XXXX is to be followed and monitored by members of MTF Gamma-6 (Deep Feeders) under the pretense of a marine biology project. During a Feeding event, shipping vessels are to be prevented from entering a 4km2 area surrounding the SCP. Any civilians who come into contact with SCP XXXX are to be administered Class-G amnestics. Any information about SCP XXXX is to be subject to standard media blackout procedures.

Description: SCP XXXX is an automaton currently traveling along the sea floor of the Adriatic Sea at a speed of 2.1 km/h. SCP XXXX is semi-spherical in shape and is composed of bronze1 and clay ceramic. SCP XXXX runs on a primitive steam engine that converts the sea water around it into power. Every 30 days, SCP XXXX will stop moving and a Feeding event will be initiated. During a Feeding event, SCP XXXX will rapidly intake 3500L3 of ocean water and anything within that body of water through a hole on the underside and top of the automaton. SCP XXXX will often stop close to metal objects and attempt to ingest them2. 12 hours after a Feeding event, all organic compounds are expelled from SCP XXXX. Any non-organic material ingested by SCP XXXX is contained within a inflexible net made out of tightly woven metal wires3. Most of the objects currently inside SCP XXXX include manganese, bronze, and ceramic. SCP XXXX contains a hatch into which an inscribed wax cylinder has been placed (See Addendum 2 for details).
SCP XXXX follows a random path along the seafloor, following the coastline of the Adriatic Sea and part of the Ionian Sea, until it reaches the island of Cephalonia, upon which it will travel directly to Sicily. SCP XXXX takes 655 hours to complete its journey.

Discovery: SCP came to the Foundation's attention on July 14, 1983, when a fishing vessel disappeared. Foundation agents were sent to investigate the area after local fishermen discovered the remains of the vessel's crew, who had been killed following an SCP XXXX event. Foundation agents confirmed the existence of SCP XXXX two weeks later, after witnessing an SCP XXXX feeding event. MTF Gamma-6 was then mobilized to monitor the SCP.

Addendum 1: The Foundation's Department of History translated several documents4 recovered from the Greek island of Andros, and a document from Tyre.

I have witnessed something terrific.

As our (flotilla/fleet) of ships approached the shores of Syracuse5 with the goods we were to trade there, the sea began to tremble with such ferocity.

I witnessed the waves begin to (spin/dance) in the distance, where three of our ships were sailing. The ocean opened up like the maw of some terrible beast.

The ships were drawn into the mouth of whatever beast law beneath the waves. We could do nothing but watch. This voyage has been (treacherous/perilous), as if Melquart6 is working against us.

I shall make a sacrifice to appease him as soon as we reach the shores of Shardan.

The remains of the broken ships washed ashore this morning. All of the valuable cargo, the bronze and silver, is gone.

Amongst the debris, I found body of the Amoni7 smith who had been traveling with us. The metal limbs he had so (coveted/guarded) were gone.

I only hope that our return journey will not lead us into the mouth of the beast again.

Addendum 2: A wax cylinder that was placed inside SCP XXXX was recently recovered and translated by Foundation personnel. It appears that SCP XXXX operates on a rudimentary analog computer system11. The cylinder constantly rotates inside the SCP and the order inscribed on it carried out. Upon further inspection of the cylinder, another small piece of text was found inscribed into the metal cap.

Addendum 3: Due to the large amounts of metal collected by SCP XXXX, MTF-Gamma 6 has been given orders to collect metal from within the SCP after every Feeding event for foundation use.