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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a standard safe class storage locker at site zero with no less than 2 armed guards stationed outside at any given time. To enter the cell one must have clearance from the current site manager.

if SCP-XXXX is to be stolen mobile task force delta7 (bookworms) is to be dispatched and ordered to take control of SCP-XXXX by any means necessary execute the backup plan by paging assistant Davidson. This is believed to in some way incapacitate SCP-XXXX and will render it a nonthreat.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a red leather bound book with the text ''The Book Of Souls by Dr. Martinson, 1856'' handwritten on the cover of it.
It contains a total of ███ handwritten pages each one describing a ''spell'' and the ''soul cost'' of casting said spell.
The soul cost of each spell is referring to how many human lives will be taken by casting this spell. These lives will be taken seemingly at random and will to our knowledge always result in a heart attack of the victim.

SCP-XXXX appears to be written in the main language of the reader making it readable for everyone. The writing seams consistent through all the languages that were tested.

Analysis of the ink used in SCP-XXXX shows that it's approximately ninety (90) percent human blood. The rest of the ink is an as of now unknown black liquid that masks the red coloring of the blood by reflecting close to no light.

The paper appears to be standard writing paper that they used at the time except that it has a red ting.

Despite its age, it is in near perfect condition except for page ███ which seems to be ripped out. The missing page was later found in Dr. Martinsons old home, see addendum XXXX-3.

It is also seemingly indestructible as tearing, cutting or burning has no effect on it.

To our knowledge, there is no way to control which lives get taken by this soul cost and will often result in civilian deaths.

To cast a spell one must hold SCP-XXXX and utter the phrase stated in it while visualizing the intent of the spell. If the caster has no idea of the nature of SCP-XXXX or the spell it will not work.

The sheer quantity of so-called spells in SCP-XXXX makes it next to impossible to test or even summarize all of them in a single log. below is a short list of all the ''spells' we tested with and some that the foundation might find useful in the future -Dr. Kanepi

description soul cost results
The one whose shall cast this spell will have anyone they please killed instantly. 1 000 Casting this spell will instantly give a lethal heart attack the person the caster is thinking about. this can be achieved by characteristics like looks or name. Titles will not yield any results.
A wall will be always breakable as long as you have the right tool. the quality of that tool is up to bargain. 100+ casting this spell will result in a gold plated hammer that can destroy any object or material that the caster intends when casting the spell. this hammer will gain one (1) use for each time the soul cost is paid.
Maybe a loved one has passed away or a person just needs to be killed again. Pay the cost for every four seasons that person has lived and it will cure your heartache. 5 000+ not tested hypothesis Judging from wording this spell it will probably resurrect any individual as long as you pay 5 000 for each year that person has lived.
Mistakes can be fixed but the public view sometimes can't, well now you can if you are willing to pay the price. 100 000 not tested hypothesis Judging from the wording casting this spell will probably result in the public loss of a specific memory. To which extent this memory loss is reaching is unclear.
Maybe a beast is charging you or is just a wall in your way that you want to get rid of? This spell will surely help you. 2500 Casting this spell will summon a 1x1 meter spherical object presumably made of fire that will cause an explosion upon impact and can destroy the target up to ranges of ███ meters. This ball will be able to target any object as long as the caster has a clear view of the target. The blast this spell delivers is roughly equal to ██ kg of plastic explosives.
Maybe you need a bodyguard, a mount or just something soft to cuddle with but all you have is this book. No worries, create your perfect pet and pay the cost for each sunrise you want it to see. Comes in different sizes. 2000+ As for the casters specifications a 5 feet tall biped with Avion capabilities appeared out of thin air. It obeyed every command of the summoner and enjoyed activities like belly rubs and playing catch with the summoner. When anyone other than the summoner would approach the biped it would get into a defensive stance and try to protect the summoner until she explicitly told it to stop. In the third day by sunrise, the beast expired and its carcass disappeared as was expected.
Some mistakes may be too big to fix so then you just make it never happen. Rewind time to the exact moment that you'd like and keep all your memories. just make sure you can live with all that blood on your hands because there is no spell that can wash that off. 1 000 000 not tested hypothesis judging from the wording casting this spell will result in rewinding time to a specific moment the only difference being that the caster gets to keep their memories. It is currently unknown if you will get any ''blood on your hands'' but judging from the text it seems that it's only metaphorical.
Maybe life has you down and you need a bit of luck to get back to the top. This spell summons the lucky dice that will grant you instant luck if you get a good roll, however. lose the toss and I can't guaranty your safety. Pay once per roll. 5 000 Casting this spell will summon a twenty (20) sided die that has what appears to be a horseshoe on all except one side where it appears to be a picture of a skull. The caster rolled the die and got a horseshoe, after that the caster guess next days lottery numbers and got 7 out of 9 possible right. The skull side was not tested out of fear of a containment breach.

Addendum: SCP-XXXX-1

statistics department called, apparently the number of healthy individuals getting lethal heart attacks spiked with a couple of hundred percents. I knew it said something about a ''spear thru the heart'' but I thought it had to do with the D-class that was casting it losing it's will to live or something but not civilians dying because we wanted to see if a hammer could destroy iron bars. I'm going to O5, we must stop testing this instance or I'm going off the project. - Dr. Kanepi

Addendum: SCP-XXXX-2
After tracking down the Martinson real estate foundation personal entered the home disguised as a research team doing an article on Dr. Martinson scanned the area and discovered a cabin an estimated 100 meters from the house itself. When asked about this the residents claimed to never have seen the cabin before. The cabin insides were in near perfect condition. This cabin contained 3 handwritten notes, the torn out page from SCP-XXXX, 4 full vials of the black liquid used in the ink, a pack of 6 fether pencils and the remains of Dr. Martinson. The remains consisted of a skeleton that despite looking to be in perfect condition crumbled to the touch. All other materials were successfully recovered and filed in addendum SCP-XXXX-3 and SCP-XXXX-4. The vails of liquid is awaiting chemical analysis. The pencils showed to have no anomalies effects.

Addendum: SCP-XXXX-3
The ripped out page of SCP-XXXX consists of two (2) spells written below. note that the only difference this page has is it's green ting instead of the red one the rest of SCP-XXXX is coted in.

description soul cost results
This page of the book gets removed from the rest of the book and enchants this page so that the holder of this book is immune to the effects of The Book Of Souls. This effect is indicated by turning this page green. The holder of this page is also given unlimited luck by lucky dice. 100 no 1 NO 0 not tested effect unknown
The book of souls disappears until fate decides that it is needed again and is then given to the right person. The casters soul not tested effect unknown

Addendum: SCP-XXXX-4
The notes found in Dr. Martinsons cabin are filed in the document below

To whomever is reading this, I presume you have some sort of connection to the book of souls. Why, might one ask. Well, you have presumably discovered that it doesn't just do what it says in the text. I can make any words do anything, this is good because then I can cut down on text down a bit but I can also add things that the reader can not see. For example, each spell cast will bring the person chosen by the book closer to it. But I will come to that later. At the moment I need to explain some things. It all started when [DATA EXPUNGED] the vials and the instructions on how to mix them with my blood. After that, I just started writing in the book I had chosen and I after that I could not think of anything else than what I should write next. The first thought that came to my head was that I should release it to the public for anyone to use. Then I thought that I could get way more money if I just sold the book to the highest bidder, than I thought that I would sell my services on a task to task basis. Then I thought that I would make the world a better place. I could take down tyrants, summon a beast strong enough to protect citizens or reset the world if it would go to ruin by only sacrificing a few lives but then one of the last thoughts that I will ever have hit me. Why am I doing this? And then I become lucid. I don't know how long I have been sitting but my body is melting away and I'm using the last of my strength to write this and do the last spell. So now, to you. The one the book has chosen, you will be the control man. Making sure that the current owners don't abuse the powers of the book. Take the enchanted page and get as far away from the owners of the book. Just because the book chose them to have it doesn't mean that they can't reverse that good. you are supposed to stop that from happening. you will have ways to tell, I will have fixed that already. I'm going to finish the book now, I'm not strong enough to stop. Best of wishes - Dr. Martinson

Addendum: SCP-XXXX-5
Below is a description of what the security camera recorded during the theft of the ripped out page of SCP-XXXX
At ██:██Pm ██/04 20██ before a test of SCP-XXXXs durability, Dr. assistant Davidson can be seen walked over to the podium where the ripped out page of SCP-XXXX was placed while the rest of the team where inspecting SCP-XXXX. Davidson proceeded to pick up the page and a couple of seconds later SCP-████ warped into the room and started to charge up to its second form. The breach alarm triggered and the staff rushed to stop SCP-████ from changing. During this Davidson can be seen casting two (2) spells from SCP-XXXX while holding his pager, putting the ripped out page under his shirt, leaving a white sheet of paper (see addendum SCP-XXXX-6) and walking out of the testing chamber.

During Davidsons walk to the exit of the facility, two more safe class containment breaches occurred. None of the breaches resulted in any casualties.

Davidson is now considered A-wall. All attempts to secure Davidson and the ripped out page has been postponed by Dr. Kanepi due to it being "just not worth it". Davidsons family went missing approximately two (2) hours after the initial disappearing of Davidson. A cover story saying that the Davison family moved was issued to the neighbors of the family

Addendum: SCP-XXXX-6
Below is the handwritten letter left behind by Davidson

First of all, it's been an honor working with you doctor and I hope you can forgive me for this. So, why did I do it? Well, first of all, I don't trust the O5. And I don't want to give them more than the near infinite amount of power they already have. But that's not the main thing. The main thing is that I don't like sacrificing civilian lives. If the where D-class than it would be a different story, you can't survive long in the foundation while seeing them any higher than cattle, but I'm not gonna let you kill a hundred thousand innocent people because you screwed up. But this book could save a bunch of lives so that's why I did it. I get to decide if it's worth it or not. that's why. Moving forward, I will take my wife and daughter go somewhere. Haven't decided where yet but I believe you will have no luck finding me or rather I will have luck evading you. Bad jokes aside I have cast some spells on my pager making it so that you can't track me all the while you can still message me. Do that, and I will make the book disappear if you need it to. Best wishes - Davidson